15 Amazing Health Benefits of Melon


The melon is known as the fruit of summer for the simple fact that it is rich in water, which keeps us hydrated to face the big summer. Melon is the best fruit to remove the lack of body fluid known as dehydration. The benefits of melon are huge and can cure cancer and even heart attack.

This is one of the phenomenal examples of the healthy benefits of melon. If you are one of the melon fans? So, congratulations! Behind the fresh and flavorful melon lies countless healthy benefits within it. Consumption of 100 grams of melon will provide beneficial substances such as 14.8 grams of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of fat, 1.55 grams of protein, 5,706 milligrams of vitamin A, 9 milligrams of potassium and 74.7 milligrams of vitamin Ç.

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Melon

At the same time, melons are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. They contain almost no fat or saturated fat, making them an excellent choice for healthy snacks to aid in weight loss.

Adding this tasty and nutritious fruit to your daily diet will nourish your body in many ways. So that you can better understand how the regular intake of melon is important for the body, check below, what are the health benefits of melon.

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Melon

  • improves vision

    Some of the most important nutrients needed for eye health are lutein and zeaxanthin, which are present in melons. Lutein and zeaxanthin improve the overall health of the eye, resulting in better vision and reduces the risk of age-related disorders such as: cataracts, macular degeneration.

  • slows down aging

    Collagen is necessary to keep the skin beautiful and to help speed up the healing process. Collagen is a substance that prevents the effect of the premature aging process. You can find this useful substance inside a melon. Consuming this fruit will surely keep you away from premature aging and make you look younger.

  • prevent cancer


    The high amount of carotenoids present in melon can prevent breast cancer and reduce the risk of lung cancer. Regular consumption of this fruit is effective in preventing and killing the cancer cells that invade your body.

  • Rich in Fiber

    The health benefits of fiber go beyond preventing constipation. A high-fiber diet can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes and help you lose weight, making you feel fuller for longer.

  • Increases the immune system

    If your immune system is strong enough, the body will be able to fight off the irregular buildup of bacteria, the development of excess fat, and disease on its own. You won't have to worry about getting sick easily. Research has found that this fruit fills the body up to 34% of vitamin C demand.

  • prevent diabetes

    This fruit contains properties that regulate the production of insulin in the body. In addition to its insulin-stimulating components, melon is also very low in glucose despite its sweet taste. This fruit will surely satisfy those who love to eat sweet foods and drinks.

  • Decreases water retention

    Melon has diuretic properties. It is particularly well stocked with minerals, potassium and calcium. Its high potassium content helps eliminate excess water and prevents swelling due to water retention in the tissues.

  • Melon benefits in pregnancy


During pregnancy, the body needs a higher level of intake of vitamins and minerals. This is the period when your body should receive maximum nutrients because immunity tends to be weaker than normal. The body must get more nutrients than ever before.

Health benefits of melonMelon fills the body with various nutrients, especially during pregnancy. It is rich in potassium which maintains healthy heart condition. It also has vitamin C that strengthens the immune system. If you want to give birth to a healthy child, we highly recommend eating cantaloupe every day.

  • Reduces nausea and motion sickness 

Melon can help pregnant women feel more comfortable during their first trimester. The pregnant woman's body will slowly change due to the process of developing natural hormones to maintain the fetus. Therefore, the woman will feel nauseous every day, usually in the morning. To reduce the discomfort of the first few months, it is recommended to eat small slices of melon in the morning.

  • Stronger bones and teeth

This fruit has high calcium content which is very good for keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong.

  • Promotes hair growth

    Melons, in particular, cantaloupes are a good source of beta carotene which converts to vitamin A within the body. This vitamin A is vital for healthy hair and normal hair growth.

  • Prevent hair loss

    Deficiencies in B vitamins are also responsible for hair loss. Melons are rich in B vitamins such as folic acid and inositol, which help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

  • Weight loss

    Like most fruits, melons are ideal for weight loss. These fruits are low in sodium and calories, as well as fat-free and cholesterol-free. The high water content can keep you fuller for longer, while the natural sweetness limits your cravings for sugary foods.

    In addition, melon is rich in fiber that regulates digestion and also helps to reduce the overall cholesterol level in the body. Improved digestion means your food intake is digested correctly and quickly, resulting in regular bowel movements.

  • Normalization at high blood pressure 

Melon is rich in potassium, half of a small melon represents 20% of the recommended daily contributions. Its potassium content helps restore balance to a diet too high in sodium, often responsible for high blood pressure. Many studies have shown that a diet rich in potassium can reduce the risk of hypertension.

  • Anti stress

The potassium found in melon promotes the arrival of oxygen to the brain, which is more relaxed and concentrated, it also reduces the heartbeat. While superoxide dismutase fights stress by lowering blood pressure.

Other Benefits of Melon:

  • Melon favors the functioning of our kidneys and helps us to prevent kidney pathologies. It is also a fruit indicated in cases of hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • This fruit is very beneficial for people with iron deficiency anemia and states of stress, weakness and fatigue. It is also especially indicated during pregnancy and lactation due to its folic acid content.