Arched eyebrow: How to do it and tips not to go wrong!


There are many different eyebrow shapes, each 'matches' a certain type of face, but the arched brow is by far the most popular of them all.

Always looking for a constant way to improve her beauty, women are always trying new things, as the eyebrows are an essential part of this beauty, they can't be left out either.

A well-groomed eyebrow that fits the shape of the face makes the woman even more feminine and with a sexier look, in the case of the arched eyebrow, for example, it is ideal for almost all types of face and this is one of the reasons that make her look more popular compared to others.

How to make thick arched eyebrows

The arched eyebrow is the one that has a slight lift from the middle to the end, if you don't have practice in taking out eyebrow hair the best thing is to look for the eyebrow design.

For women who already have a naturally thick and arched eyebrow shape, it is much easier to do, now for those who don't, the first time they do it may be a little more complicated, but once it's ready, just keep it.

So let's go step by step? We separate super easy tips to do, check it out.

Step 1 – To start using an eyebrow brush, comb the entire eyebrow upwards, then cut any long hairs with scissors.


2nd Step – The fluff that is left outside or to the sides of the eyebrow should be removed with tweezers, but only the hairs that are sticking out of the lower part of the eyelid should be removed.

Note: The hairs that remain above the eyebrow after it is combed should be cut with scissors and not removed with tweezers.

arched eyebrow

3rd Step – And finally, apply an eyebrow corrector to eliminate flaws that can be left behind, use the corrector to make the eyebrows thicker if you wish.

Note: To know where the eyebrow should start, just make some easy measurements, take your brush and touch the side of your nose, leave it completely vertical, the eyebrow will start on that line of the nose.

To know where it ends, just place the brush again on the side of the nose and take it towards the end of the eye, the eyebrow should end in that region that the brush shows. If the eyebrow is short, just finish arriving with the corrector.

Arched eyebrow: Easy-to-follow tutorials

For a better understanding, nothing better than learning in practice how everything should be done, for that we selected several very didactic videos that will help in this task.

How to arch your eyebrows the easy way

The Rodrigo cabeleireiroitj channel shows you super interesting tips on the best way to make your eyebrows arched, check out the tips that can also be of great help when doing yours, and don't forget, if you have any doubts, don't risk it and look for one professional.

Learning to measure with a caliper

This measuring instrument is essential for anyone who wants the eyebrow to be arched and fully aligned, in addition to learning how to use it, you will also learn how to make other markings to make your eyebrows perfect.

arching straight eyebrows

For our joy, straight eyebrows are also arched and this can be proven in the following video, follow the step by step with all the measurements and do it yourself too.


The eyebrow is vital for the face to be more beautiful, imagine yourself without eyebrows and you will see how important it can also be for aesthetic reasons, so it also deserves special attention.

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