Funny Riddles for WhatsApp (with answers)


The riddles also known, as riddles, what is what are are super fun enigmatic questions, but at the same time make our brain work them, they are great to use as entertainment at parties and even as challenges in whatsapp I have I'm sure some of the answers will be hilarious and they'll make you laugh!

If your party is half down and you want to give an "Up" to make the moment unforgettable for all guests, check out some options for funny riddles that we have selected just below, the answers will be described below each question. Have fun:

Funny Riddles for WhatsApp (with answers)

Funny Riddles for WhatsApp (with answers)

1- Why did the blonde throw a knife into a glass of water?

A: Because she wanted to quench her thirst.

2- The less light the more I appear. Who I am?
A: Darkness.

3 -What do we kill every day but are not arrested?
A: Hunger.


4- What is the favorite super hero of the chubby ones?
A: The Supermarket.

5- What falls standing and runs lying down?

A: rain drops

6- It has a head, it has teeth, it has a beard, it is neither an animal nor a person, what is it?
A: garlic

7- What breaks without even touching it?
A: Promise.

8- What is it, what is it, has a hat but no head, has a mouth but doesn't speak, has wings but doesn't fly?
A: teapot

9- What is the similarity between tidying a house and samba
Answer: in both we mess with the chairs.

10- What did the banana say to the tomato?
Answer: I take my clothes off and you're the one who blushes?

11- What did the beach sand say to the sea?
A: stop wave...

12- What are several yellow dots on the wall?
A: mountaineering fandangos

13- What is it that jumps and dresses like a bride?
A: popcorn

14: Why do some people put the alarm clock under their pillow?
A: to wake up at the last minute.

15- What did the tomato do in the bank?
A: extract extract

16- What do you put on the table, break, share but not eat?
A: deck

17- The boy broke up with the girl and then came back with her, what is the name of the movie?
A: The Ex-Terminator.

18- We are three different brothers, none of us drinks or eats, however it is our mission to feed those who are hungry. what are we?
A: Spoon, fork and knife.

19- What can only be used broken?
A: Egg.

20- Who is so strong but so strong that he can stop a car with just one hand?
A: Traffic guard.

21- What is something and at the same time nothing?
A: Fish.

22- Zé had 20 cows, but seventeen fled. How many are left?
A: 13, because they fled from-Zé-seven.

23- Why did the dog enter the church?
A: because he was a german shepherd

24- What is what no man has in his wallet?
A: Photo of mother-in-law.

25- What only grows backwards?
A: The queue.

26- What everyone needs, everyone asks for, everyone gives, but no one follows?
A: Advice.

27- What crosses the river and does not get wet?
A: The bridge.

28- If an astronaut kills another astronaut on the Moon, can he be arrested?
A: No, because it is a low-severity crime.

29- What has a face but is not a man, has a crown but is not a king?
A: Currency.

30- What did one egg say to the other egg?
A: I'm shocked

31- Which women live longer than their husbands?
A: Widows.

32- What did the tree say to the other tree?
A: They left us planted here.

33- Why does the fireman not like to walk?
A: Because he just runs!