How to Paste Broken Nails, My Secrets Revealed!


Get to know some super easy tricks on how to glue broken nails quickly and safely, thus avoiding having to cut the others.

Bad things are allowed to happen at the worst times, a beautiful example of this is when we have that important appointment scheduled where we have to show up flawlessly, but suddenly a little tap on the hand, the nail chipped.

It may seem like an exaggeration for those who don't understand the female world but it's a despair that hits at the time, weeks and weeks were taking all that care to make the nails beautiful and beautiful when suddenly, shovel, broken nail.

But even if this misfortune has happened, know that there is a way to glue the broken nail, and the best thing is that it can be done with materials that are available at your home.

How to glue a broken nail, see what you can and cannot do

Calm down crying is no use (laughs), and you don't even have to take drastic measures like cutting the nails of the other fingers to stay the same, fixing the chipped nail can be the best alternative, now know what can be done and what can't be done. risk your health.

Glue broken nail in the corner with super glue

This is definitely one of the ways to be more careful, especially if the nail is broken in the corner or in the flesh, as we know the super glue is very strong, so much so that it glues practically anything, but when it comes in contact with the skin, it it can cause burns and in more severe cases it “melts” even part of the nail. So avoid using it, but if you want to risk it on your own, apply the super glue only if the nail chips in a part that is not in contact with the skin and use as little glue as possible.


Step by step:

To glue the broken nail with super glue (super bonder), separate the following materials: acetone to clean the nail, cotton, a piece of toilet paper or napkin, nail pliers, sandpaper and super glue.

  • Start by cleaning the nail and don't leave any nail polish residue or dirt, then cut a small piece of paper towel or toilet paper and cover only the part that is chipped, apply a little glue, wait for it to dry, if you have any paper left for the nail. the outside of the nail cut with the nail pliers, after that sand it lightly taking care not to remove all the glue.

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Broken nail necklace with foundation

This form is similar to the one used with the previous one, but with the advantage of being much safer, since it is not necessary to use super glue, if you have nail coverage at home it is even better because it dries faster.

Gather the following materials:

  • acetone to clean the nail,
  • cotton,
  • a piece of toilet paper or napkin,
  • nail pliers,
  • and sand.

Clean the nail with the acetone, then cut a small piece of napkin that is enough to cover the broken part of the nail, apply some foundation or frosting and place the paper over the broken nail and again apply the foundation or nail polish. nail cover, wait for it to dry and repeat the process a second time to make the nail firmer.


For those who don't have toilet paper or napkin at home, you can still use a small piece of the middle of that tea bag, coffee filter or even micropore instead.