Building a Dream Celso Portiolli – Cool Sunday, inscription


One of the most famous programs among Brazilian families, without a doubt, is the cool Sunday that for more than 15 years has been brightening Sunday mornings and showing the viewer how to make a quality program, where the whole family can watch together without a problem. .

The program consists of a lot of music, games, reports, participation of artists in addition to some famous paintings such as building a dream, where Celso Portiolli, through the SBT program, fulfills the dream of thousands of families throughout Brazil.
Many times, with the difficulties of life, many parents of the family somehow cannot fulfill the dream of their own home and live in a way that is even inhuman, the tip for you who are going through this situation is to write your story telling what it's your dream and if your story convinces everyone you will be chosen, and the program will come to you for you to tell your story live, but to participate you must enter the SBT website to register.
See how to do it:

– Enter the website: SBT Registration – Legal Sunday – Building A Dream
-Write all the requested data and then tell your story, obs: a maximum of 2000 characters can be used.
– Just wait, if your story is chosen soon the sbt team will contact you.