Modern Beak Chanel Cut: Step by step and Photos


Elegant and timeless, the beaked chanel is a reinterpretation of the straight below the chin chanel that was widely used by older women in the 20th century who had the French stylist Coco Chanel as an inspiration for fashion and elegance! However, after undergoing this redesign, the cut began to conquer women of all ages and status, including young women who wish to adopt a bold, modern and contemporary look.

In addition to being a beautiful cut, it is very practical to comb, wash and dry, another key point that makes this cut even more interesting is that it is democratic, that is, it combines with the most variable face shapes, as well as texture. of hair, do not be fooled into thinking that only those who have straight or wavy hair can bet on this cut, versatile it looks beautiful on any type of hair, including curly ones, which we agree, gains incredible movement and volume with the beaked chanel, so curly can be play without fear!!!

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This modernized version of the chanel hair is perfect for those who want to venture between short haircuts, being a modern and elegant option, ideal for updating the look. In addition to being stylish, it is super versatile and can be adopted in many ways. Did you like the style? We've gathered everything you need to know about the model and more tips on how to adopt and finalize the look. Check out!

beaked chanel what is it?

The beaked chanel cut is nothing more than the traditional chanel used for centuries, but it has undergone a revamping, unlike the old one, this new trend of chanel has the strands of the back cut close to the nape of the neck, the front locks are more elongated, these mere details that break a little the sober and classic finish that the traditional cut has, so if you bet on the beaked chanel your look will be modern, not to mention the balance that the wires have won.

As we said above, this is a universal cut that matches the most variable styles of women and hair types, for this reason we have gathered below some inspirations to make it easier, we separate them by categories according to the type of straight, wavy, curly, with bangs hair. , short, frayed, so you can be taking a peek at the options of the style you are wanting to venture into.

Chanel beak cut for straight hair


Want to give your straight locks a new look? Bet without fear on the beaked chanel cut, if your hair is thin and thin this cut is perfect as it will give the impression that your hair is fuller than it really is. Another feature of the beak chanel is that it enhances the lines of the face, enhancing the shape of your face even more. See the photos below and get inspired:

curly toe chanel haircut

The myth that curly hair is beautiful only if it is fulfilled, has been broken for a long time, the beak chanel, for example, not only matches curly strands but also brings a more cool, modern and youthful look to the look. See below some beautiful ideas for curls with a chanel cut and draw your own conclusions about this cut style:

beaked bob hair with bangs

The fringe softens the features of the face leaving you more delicate, feminine and youthful. If you want to bet on the fringe in a different and current way, a good suggestion is to combine the two styles, the beaked chanel together with the fringe. THE fringe it can be straight or longer, following the asymmetry of the cut, ensuring a chic look in the right measure.

What is the ideal frequency to cut your hair?

To keep the cut always beautiful and with the desired effect you will need to cut your hair every 3 months. Don't trust the first hairdresser you find, look for recommendations from friends and family, as this will be more guaranteed that you can achieve the result you want so much.

How to cut beaked chanel hair: Step by step

If you don't have much knowledge in the area, I suggest you look for a reliable professional, but if you already have some skill, watch some really cool tutorials we found on the internet and see if you have the confidence to take the risk of cutting your hair yourself.

Cutting wet hair will be easier, but be careful not to cut too much, because when it dries, it tends to suffer from the shrinkage factor. See below some step-by-step videos, if possible, ask a friend for help, especially to cut the back, since your field of vision is kind of limited in this specific area.

Cut beak chanel alone at home