Haircut for round face: See 8 options (40 Photos)


Your favorite actress appeared with a baphonic cut and you already want to copy it? Calm down, don't get too carried away because it's not because it looks good on so-and-so that it will look good on you, everything will depend on the symmetry of your face, the ideal is to choose something that suits you and also a model that fits the shape of your face. your face, thus maintaining balance. The long bob cut, for example, looks amazing on women with a round face because it thins the sides in addition to elongating your features, it is necessary to be careful not to look ugly when putting together a look.

Check out in this article some haircut ideas for round face, following our tips will greatly reduce your chances of making a mistake in the choice.

Round face haircut: Discover the best for you

The round face is characterized by prominent cheekbones, similar vertical and horizontal measurements, and a smaller chin. The round face is one of the types that most creates doubts when choosing an ideal haircut, it is necessary that you choose a cut that somehow disguises the protruding areas and enhances the strengths.

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What is the ideal length?

Medium or long cuts are great allies when it comes to disguising the “full” shape of the face as it frames the face creating more volume and thus harmonizing giving the feeling of thinner features. But, if you still want to innovate and invest in a shorter model, no problem, the asymmetrical and shredded cuts fit perfectly as they bring volume, giving the impression that your face is thinner and more delicate.

Haircut for round face and short neck


What about when the face is round and the neck is short? In this case, cuts that bring volume to the top of the head are without a doubt your best choice, as it changes the focus of the eyes, giving a smoother to the lap, harmonizing the look in the right measure.

Haircut for round face: Options to inspire them

1- Long bob

As mentioned above, the long bob enhances the illusion of slimming, the long bobo cut has frayed strands at the neck or shoulders and with a longer front, which help to thin and elongate the face. Many actresses dared to choose this cut and it's not less beautiful, modern and easy to care for, it's super worth it!

2- Short bob

Let's say that the Short bob is like a cousin of the long bob, after all it has some very similar characteristics, the difference is that the short bob is shorter, with a length very close to the nape of the neck with a slight gradient in the front.

3- Shredded cut

With a modern and cool touch, the frayed cut provides a balance to the face and the whole look. The different layers that the shredding provides create volume in the hair, giving more lightness and balance to the face, especially the cheeks, which is the part that most bothers women with round faces.

4- Chanel de Bico

Chanel is one of those cuts that has certainly reached generations, your mother, aunt or grandmother has already adhered to this classic cut at least once in her life, this cut has never gone out of style, it just gets some variations such as, for example, the beak that it got longer which makes the face look more fulfilled and best of all it matches every style of woman whether, young or adult it matches perfectly!

5- Convex

The dream of most women is to have long and healthy hair, if you are fond of your locks, know that long convex cuts, with rounded ends, soften your round face as it makes it look thin and delicate.

6- Long with diagonal fringe

I have a round face and wider shoulders and I want to look more feminine and the side bangs give a smoother look. Add some waves to the strands creating an extra volume that will disguise the cheeks, completely changing your look giving a slimmed and softened in the lines of your face.

7- Bob cut

The bob cut was used by several celebrities including Selena Gomez, this cut is nothing more than a straight cut at the height of the jaw, the ends are slightly frayed.

8- Medium cut

Do you want to give your look a makeover but are afraid to dare too much investing in a medium cut could be the solution. You may be surprised by the result, check it out:

Get inspired by lots of photos

To finish with a golden key, stay with our gallery full of models of haircuts for those with a round face, get inspired and choose the model that best suits you and your lifestyle, remembering that the models more than short haircuts are much easier to maintain.