Simple First Communion Decoration: 50 Photos


The first communion also called the first Eucharist is the second religious sacrament of the Catholic Church, years before the baptism that takes place a few days after the birth of the baby. But before the child receives the body and blood of Christ symbolically in the form of bread and wine, there is a whole preparation, the Christian child must learn and understand some of the principles of the Catholic Church, such as knowing the 10 commandments, learning how a Mass, the main prayers and the 7 sacraments.

These teachings should be passed on during the catechesis classes I don't know for sure how long the catechesis lasts, but as soon as it ends, a celebration is held on Sunday, during the morning mass with all family and friends gathered to honor this very special day in child's life.

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Right after the mass, it is very common for the whole family to gather to hold a celebration that can be a simple lunch only for the intimate or a beautiful party for the communicado, you can serve for the guests sweets, snacks, personalized cake with fondant that can contain details such as rosary, angel, among other Christian symbols.

As for decoration, there are thousands of inspirations available on the internet that will surprise everyone, in addition to providing an incredible setting to immortalize this day through photos. Check out tips on how to make this moment even more perfect through a beautiful party, see the decoration ideas we brought you and get inspired when organizing your children's Eucharist party

Simple First Communion Decoration

Most families prefer to make a simple decoration, for very few people just to not miss this important moment, usually only a small cake, soda is made and after lunch a souvenir is delivered for each family member to take home, do something delicate and angelic everyone will love to receive such a treat. See everything you need to know to set up a simple and beautiful party!

  • Panel of balloons looks beautiful and best of all the cost is not so high, to give a differential intersperse using white and yellow balloons, another alternative is to make a cross in the middle. Invest in balloons in light, cheerful and delicate colors to bring an angelic touch to the environment!

  • Brigadiers, cupcakes, decorated chocolate lollipops and also sweets decorated with details that refer to the symbols of the Catholic Church such as the cross, rosary, dove of the Holy Spirit, angels among others. The flavors are at your discretion, in addition to being delicious, they become beautiful table decorations to compose the decoration.


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  • There are so cute options of cakes for first communion, capriche in the model after all it will be the highlight of the sweets table. The colors and designs that will decorate it must follow the same pattern as the other decoration items, a model that has become a trend is the naked cakes that are those with a rustic appearance, when combined with a white tablecloth it makes the look of the table harmonized.

  • It is super common to see flower arrangements in the decoration of the first communion tables, they are able to bring much more beauty, delicacy and joy to the event. In addition to the sweets and the cake you can add some ornaments such as felt angels, centerpieces, beautiful trays, in short, use and abuse your creativity.
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  • Many guests eagerly await the delivery of souvenirs, for this occasion the ideal souvenirs are bottles with holy water, boxes with rosary, decorated candles, fabric bags with some treats inside, invest in options that contain Catholic symbols.

  • How about leaving the traditional and innovating with a beautiful English wall, which is nothing more than a panel behind the main table all covered with green leaves, there is the option of using artificial or natural leaves, both look amazing!

Here are some photos that will serve as an example, for you to use as a reference.

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