All About Laser, Acid Brow Depigmentation and More


Eyebrow depigmentation is an alternative that women can resort to if they do not like the result of procedures that aim to darken and thicken the eyebrow.

In recent years aesthetic procedures such as micropigmentation, microblading and dermopigmentation have become very popular among the female audience, what all these procedures have in common is the fact that they paint the eyebrow region in order to correct small imperfections, scars and are also used as a way to thicken the eyebrow.

As the eyebrow is essential in the frame of the face as it enhances the look, it is common for women to look for these aesthetic procedures to correct any imperfection to get a clearer and more attractive look, but the result may not be as expected.
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Because it doesn't turn out the way they imagined, many women end up regretting having done these procedures on the eyebrow, among the most common complaints found are the eyebrows being too dark, too thick, without symmetry with the face, crooked or with flaws caused by scarring. eyebrow after the procedure is performed.

Often these mistakes happen because locations with unqualified people are chosen to perform this procedure, which is why it is so essential to look for qualified eyebrow design specialists to avoid these possible problems that can give a headache to correct.

Well, now it's no use crying and the way is to run after ways to alleviate the problem, nowadays there are solutions that completely remove the ink from these procedures, check it out below.

eyebrow depigmentation
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Eyebrow Depigmentation: Best Methods


In cases where skin pigmentation occurs only on the surface layer of the skin, it will disappear naturally after a few cycles of skin regeneration, every 30 days or so the surface layer of the skin is renewed and with each renewal the pigmentation will become more and more lighter until it disappears.

laser eyebrow depigmentation

Laser eyebrow depigmentation is indicated for cases where the eyebrow is very dark, for this the laser will be directed directly to the place to be treated and with that it will heat the pigment that will break into millions of microparticles that will be easily absorbed and eliminated by the body.

If laser depigmentation is your choice, it is ideal to look for the place you are going to do it before to know what care should be taken both before and after treatment, but in general before treatment it is good to avoid fatty foods, avoid exfoliating the place, avoid alcoholic beverages and acidic fruits.
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For depigmentation to occur effectively, an average of 3 sessions will be needed, each session must have an interval between one and another of up to 45 days, it is a very quick procedure, each session will take an average of 10 minutes and the total value will be 300, 00 but may vary from location to location.

The channel Semper Bela TV brings a super interesting video where it explains why the use of laser in depigmentation is a great alternative and also shows how the whole procedure is done, check it out.

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Acid Brow Depigmentation

Any procedure, be it pigmentation or depigmentation, should be done by a professional, especially when it comes to the use of mandelic acid, since if used in the wrong way it can cause serious problems.

Avoid using any tutorials you can find on the internet about the use of acid in eyebrow depigmentation, the fact that mandelic acid can be easily purchased on the internet ends up encouraging people to try to do the removal at home, a mistake that can cause bruises and scars. even worse, that is why it is so important to look for professionals who have their establishments at fixed addresses and with a guarantee that they have taken the preparatory course for such a procedure.

The Sheyla Braz - Microblading Excelence channel brings a super interesting video showing how a poorly done job can leave the entire eyebrow without symmetry and also shows how the acid technique is to perform depigmentation

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Brow depigmentation with hydrogen peroxide

Some say that depigmentation with hydrogen peroxide is also a great way to get the eyebrows back to their normal state, but this is not a method recognized by dermatologists or beauticians, it's just a homemade method found by people to remove the eyebrows. pigment using over a few days after treatment.

To use this method of removal, just apply hydrogen peroxide on the eyebrows during the first days after the treatment and the pigment will gradually come out, but remember that this is not a guaranteed technique and it is not known what the consequences of this are. application.

As we know, there are not few women who decide to do these eyebrow procedures and in the end end up regretting for not having liked it or even for a tragic mistake by the professional who performed the procedure, I hope this article has been of help in the decision in the best way. to depigment the eyebrow, and don't forget to always look for a professional for any application or removal.