Single Stitch Sheet to Print


The time sheet is super important to keep the company organized, in addition to always having the monitoring of the hours worked by the employees so that neither the boss nor the employee are harmed, but the fastest and most reliable solution is the time machine , but not all companies are able to provide this type of method so they opt for the cheapest way that is the time sheet, which is super easy to find on the internet. If you're looking for printable stitch sheet free, see some models on our website.

The time sheets may contain information such as the employee's name, time of entry and exit from work, round-trip lunch time, initials to prove that the employee actually went to work, overtime and a field for observations.

Choose the time sheet that you find most ideal, it can be just one sheet for all employees, thus avoiding the accumulation of papers or it can be an individual time sheet for each employee, but the second option can generate a large accumulation of papers in little time depending on the size of the company.

 Timesheet Template .Doc

On the federal government's Esocial website it is possible to download a .Doc file that can be edited in Word from an individual time sheet with very complete data. It is ideal for a small or medium business to record employee hours

Remember that the best and safest way to register the employee's time is through the clocking machines, there are nowadays several interesting models, such as the machine in which the employee must pass the badge or the machine in which the employee just enters his fingerprint. Thus, there will be no risk on the part of the employee to make a wrong appointment, or too much overtime or errors on the part of the employer.