Beautiful and Small Phrases for Pictures


There are phrases that perfectly describe each moment of our life, some we identify with so much that it seems that they were written exclusively for us, right? even more if you are a person of phases who loves to post photos of your special and unforgettable experiences on your social networks, finding a caption that is, perfect and that shows what you are feeling and going through at that moment is fundamental to make your photos still more interesting and beautiful! Even though there are thousands and thousands of sites on the internet that provide ace phrases, it is sometimes difficult to find one that we identify so, in this article, we have selected numerous options for short sentences ideas for you who love to impact people through your captions.

Beautiful and Small Phrases for Pictures

  • beautiful phrases for pictures

Check out the best phrases found on the internet, ideas for you to use in your photo captions, whether alone or with friends.

  • It is like a mysterious book that many read but few can understand its meaning.
  • Let time take away your sadness and bring you new reasons to smile.
  • I'd rather go to fight, fall and break my face than stand still without experiencing any failure, but also without ever knowing victory.
  • She moved on without looking back, as she knew the best was yet to come.
  • The best that life has to give us is often hidden behind a great difficulty.
  • May time take away the sorrows and bad memories, but let the dreams and hopes stay.
  • My smile is a reflection of the happiness in the world and I'm afraid it bothers some people!
  • She doesn't need to conquer the world because she already has the world at her feet.
  • Correct choices generate sincere and constant smiles.
  • I want peace. I want tranquility. I want everything that really makes me feel good.
  • Completely in love with the woman I have become.
  • Old routes will never trace new paths. Remember this and allow yourself to experience the new always
  • Hang your soul on the clothesline and let the bad things evaporate.
  • The most important things in life are simple and don't cost money.
  • Some losses are opportunities to start something better.
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Although some small sentences don't need many words to get our message across, here are some that we've selected that can be used in various situations!

  • No one will ever understand how you feel until they go through the same situation.
  • Not always whoever is on your side is with you.
  • The small details are always the most important.
  • Don't run after… Who knows where to find you.
  • Those who have their own light, bother those who are in the dark.
  • Some words destroy you. Others make you stronger...
  • The Sun walks slowly but crosses the world.
  • First the rain, then the rainbow. Get used to it, this is the order.
  • Today I only allow myself the best!
  • From life I just want happiness.
  • All I wish for you today is a little joy.
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I myself am not a person who likes and can express what I'm feeling many times, I prefer to keep it to myself because I'm not good with words in case you are too, identify with me don't worry just below you will see some perfect short sentences that fall right under various circumstances.

  • kiss. love. Brig. Smile. Feel. Scream. cry. Make friends. Life is just one and it goes by fast, stop putting it off for later.
  • Don't live for your presence to be noticed, but for your absence to be missed.
  • A gesture of affection and kindness doesn't cost anything, but it can make a millionaire who receives it!
  • I feel something being reborn in me with every encounter with God.
  • Making the right choices is the best start for you to be someone happier.
  • Don't change for no reason, but never look for reasons to avoid change.
  • It's because life is so brief and unexpected that I see every moment as a golden opportunity.
  • Life passes me by and I don't even notice; I'm too busy with my plan to be happy.
  • Lack of love is the worst of all poverties
  • little love phrases

How about reminding your boyfriend, husband how much you love him through a small message of love? This goes for men too, after all, simple gestures like this can make your love's day much happier! Here are some beautiful phrases:

  • And if our paths are different, will you promise to meet me in the end?
  • Even after meeting several new smiles, yours remains my favorite.
  • Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
  • Thinking of you, I become a poet, looking at you, I become an artist, imagining our love, I become a dreamer...
  • The only time I'm not thinking about you is when I'm sleeping, because then I'm not thinking, I'm dreaming.
  • Coward is not the one who cries for love, but the one who doesn't love for fear of crying.
  • True love is the one that the wind never takes, and the distance never separates!
  • If it's to value, value now, because the heart doesn't accumulate bonuses.
  • Love is only beautiful when we find someone who makes us the best we can be.
  • Love is the only folly of a sage and the only wisdom of a fool.
  • Small phrases about reflection

  • Live for today, because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may not come.
  • If you find a path without obstacles, it probably leads nowhere.
  • No one mades padlocks without keys. In the same way, God does not give problems without solutions.
  • Doubt what comes easy. And don't give up on what's hard.
  • If envy is a light sleeper, no problem because whoever protects me never sleeps!
  • Strong is the one who doesn't give up on his dreams, even with so many difficulties on the way.
  • Sometimes the support and comfort you need comes where you least expect it.
  • In the midst of storms, trust God.
  • Beware of the turns the world takes. Today you throw the words, tomorrow you feel their effect.
  • Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don't expect that from cheap people.
  • One thing I learned in life: God doesn't take things away from you, He delivers you from them.
  • Never be sure of anything, because wisdom begins with doubt.
  • Do not underestimate me. Sometimes I play blind to see further.
  • Be careful who you trust. Remember the devil was an angel.
  • I'm mature enough to forgive, but not stupid enough to trust again...
  • tumblr small phrases

Tumblr phrases are also very successful, with indirect ones being the favorite! And it's not for less who doesn't want to send a basic message to that special little person who hates us, but is always keeping an eye on our life or just a touch for someone you're into. Check out some really cool ones:

  • She got drunk on self-love and the hangover was from smiles ??⏳
  • Hey little thing, while you talk bad I'm still here beautiful, shining, divando and laughing at your face ?❤?
  • Does she have no idea how beautiful she is??
  • Sorry, forgot that you only remember me when others forget about you ??
  • Later? After the coffee cools down, the priority changes ☕?
  • Do good things come with time, the best all of a sudden?
  • I wish you an insomnia full of memories of me…?
  • I have my phases there… ??
  • Make yourself beautiful inside, let your soul germinate, grow and bloom ??
  • What are you complaining about? What you sow, you will reap. ?
  • I started to see the world in a different way. And it wasn't him who changed, it was me ???
  • Who sees her smiling like that, doesn't know the pain she feels ⚡?
  • My worst defect, is to create too much expectations ??