Can pregnant have coffee? Yes or no? Discover the Truth!


In a world where information is available to everyone, pregnant women are increasingly concerned about their diet about which foods to eat or which to avoid, conflicting information is often found on the internet and one of the most common doubts of pregnant women is if pregnant can have coffee.

Coffee is an invigorating and stimulating drink that is consumed by practically the entire Brazilian population, to give you an idea, Brazil is second only to the United States when it comes to consuming coffee.

Pregnant can have coffee

Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, those who like a coffee have no time to drink it, despite giving extra energy during the day, this drink should be avoided by pregnant women for the safety of the baby's health.

See the story of one of our readers:

“As a coffee lover, I also went through this situation, I had a planned pregnancy, but instead of getting 1 little gift, 2 came so my concern was even greater with my health as it was a twin pregnancy.

My husband, also very concerned about my health, started scouring the internet about which foods a pregnant woman should eat and which ones to avoid.


And one of the things he came to the conclusion that could be dangerous for pregnancy would be caffeine. But why is caffeine bad for the fetus? -I asked myself.

He promptly had the answer on the tip of his tongue:

– Because it interferes with the absorption of nutrients, especially after eating, the absorption of calcium and iron are impaired.

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coffee in pregnancy

The information found by our reader's husband is true, but it doesn't stop there.

Several industrialized products contain caffeine as one of the main ingredients. months where this risk is higher.

Many studies conflict about how much coffee would be ideal for a pregnant woman to be able to drink during the day without harming the baby's health, but just for the reasons mentioned above, it would be worth staying away from coffee for 9 months with a guarantee of a healthy baby.

But it is not just important to avoid coffee, as already mentioned it is not only coffee that contains caffeine, other industrialized products can also have it, such as guarana, teas, chocolate, energy drinks and even some medicines.

Can a pregnant woman drink coffee with milk?

The fact of adding milk to coffee will not decrease the amount of caffeine present in it, but if the urge is intense to the point of causing nervousness, according to experts, drinking 1 cup of coffee, or coffee with milk a day can be the alternative, but not one should forget the fact that other products also contain caffeine then beware of exaggeration.

Can pregnant women drink decaffeinated coffee?

When the urge to drink coffee just doesn't go away, the best thing to do is switch to decaffeinated coffee, this is because its amount of caffeine is much lower, but the fact that it's smaller doesn't mean it doesn't have caffeine, so you should also avoid it. ingest with exaggeration.

It may seem desperate for a coffee lover to have to zero or decrease their intake, but the reward in the end is the best, in the end all the effort of the future mom will be worth it, having a healthy baby with full health is the best gift.

What the experts say

To learn more about the subject, it is best to look for this information with your obstetrician, but if you want a second or third opinion based on science, also watch these videos below.