Homemade newborn photoshoot: Learn how to easily do +46 photos


One of the great trends among parents today is the homemade Newborn essays (Newborns) which are photos taken in the first days of the baby's life, more precisely between 5 and 12 days of life.

Despite being so small, the choice to photograph newborns in this period is the fact that they are more “manageable”.

So it is possible to place it in different positions, being an excellent way to immortalize the first memories and details of the face, in short, of all the delicate and striking features of the baby!

The birth of a child is a remarkable moment in the life of a couple, and there is nothing better than registering and immortalizing each moment of the child by taking many, many photos.

“When a baby is born, a photograph is also born” yes this sentence is correct, I bet you have at least 50 photos of your child on your cell phone.

Motherhood is a sublime moment and must be contemplated intensely, even more so because it passes quickly, especially in the first months when the whole family is fitting into the new routine of caring for the child and there is barely time to remember everything due to fatigue and the phase. of adaptation.

Newborn Lifestyle Essay: How To Do It At Home

If you want to do a homemade newborn shoot, the first tip is to use creativity.


Use some accent objects you have at home such as blankets, accessories, flowers, caps, baskets, bows and even personalized clothes and shoes.

If you want to highlight the costume and the baby, then choose a neutral background.

Try to record the biggest details of the child's life, always looking after the clothes and scenery of the photos.

It's great to keep as a souvenir.

Newborn Test
Beautiful Newborn Essay Idea
Newborn Test
Baskets and flower decorations are a great choice for the Newborn Rehearsal

For a rehearsal of the baby's daily life, you should photograph moments such as breastfeeding, bathing, sleeping, parents and family with the baby, the first tooth, the first steps, the first baby food, in short, facts from the family's routine.

For rehearsals with professional photographers, you must follow a few steps to get an amazing and beautiful result!

The first tip is to schedule the time for the photos right after breastfeeding for the baby to fall into a deep sleep and with that the professional will be able to capture more elaborate and perfect photos.

To take creative and fun pictures of baby boys, invest in accessories worn by the father.

Put a tie on the baby, hats, accessories that symbolize the father's favorite team, in short, items that made the cute pictures and at the same time fun.

You don't need many tricks to get perfect photos, you just need to shoot with good lighting, a good camera (which doesn't necessarily need to be a professional one, it can be a regular digital or a cell phone with great resolution) and a good choice of angles to take the photos. .

It is important to make the child comfortable but if you are going to take pictures without clothes, be careful with the low temperature.

Rehearsals between older brothers and younger brothers or between twins look amazing and perfectly show the love between brothers in addition to being an excellent way to include the first child in this phase making it much lighter.

Newborn Test
Photos of the Newborn Rehearsal can be taken with the father and or the mother
Newborn Test
Wait until the baby is comfortable, every photo will be beautiful regardless of the position

Important Tips

It is ideal for the baby to feel like he is in his normal routine, remember that everything in this world is new to him, so noises and flashes can bother him.

It is also ideal that as soon as you notice that the baby is hungry, peeing or pooping or anything else, the rehearsal should be paused until all the baby's needs have been addressed.

If the baby is not having a good day with colic and crying, the photo session must be canceled and rescheduled for another day, remember that your child's well-being must come first.

Newborn photo shoot photos

For those who want to have some inspirations from newborn photos, we have separated some pretty cool ideas that can serve as inspiration to register the first days of life of the new member of the family, so in a few years when he is big you will be able to remember this wonderful phase together!


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