How to remove gel nails at home: Quick and easy method


Learn the best way to how to remove gel nails at home and find out what care is needed to keep your nails healthy.

Gel nails came to save a woman's life, with all the rush of everyday life, it is difficult to take the time to take care of your nails and even when there is a little time left, just a bump or a tap with your finger for the nail to chip .

Can you imagine going without having to worry about your nails for at least 2 weeks, knowing that it won't crack, chip or peel the enamel? A wonder don't you think? Because that's what gel nails provide, the problem arises when the need to remove them appears.

Because it is made of a type of gel that when it is dried with ultra violet light, it becomes super resistant and this resistance is also given in its removal, after approximately 2 weeks it will start to peel and its need for removal will be even greater.

Until a while ago, only the manicurists knew the best way to remove gel nails, so the woman was obliged to pay the manicurist to do this work, once or twice until it is not expensive, but the nail care is not stop and having to always resort to a manicure can get a little heavy on the pocket.

The good news is that in addition to being able to do the gel nail at home, there are super easy ways to remove gel nail at home, just have a few items that we will show you below, a little patience to help and time, because the process It might take a while.

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how to remove gel nails at home

How to remove gel nails at home with acetone


Separate the following materials

  • Vaseline
  • 1 cotton ball
  • Acetone
  • Aluminum paper

– The process is very simple but it takes time to work so only do it when you have at least 1 hour to do it.

– First of all it is essential to protect the skin around the nail and for that apply Vaseline around them with the help of a cotton swab.

– After the skin is protected, soak a small piece of cotton in acetone

– Then wrap the cotton soaked in acetone in the nail

– And lastly, wrap it with aluminum foil.

– The ideal is to wait for about 30 to 40 minutes, after that time remove the aluminum foil and cotton from one of the nails, if the gel is wrinkled and the tips come out of the nail you can remove it from the other nails too.

– To remove the gel that was peeled on the nails, use a file of your choice, make sure you have removed all the gel.

The fact that the nail is wrapped in acetone for a long time can weaken the nails, so use specific products to moisturize the cuticles and nails.

For those with sensitive skin, instead of using acetone, you can use a nail polish remover of your choice, the process will be the same but maybe a little longer.

To remove the gel nail more easily, you can also heat the acetone before soaking the cotton, check out a very interesting video on the subject in more detail.

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