Hydration with sour cream: How to do it in easy steps


Hydration with milk cream is great for women who like good homemade hair care recipes, check out exclusive tips.

Every woman knows how important hair care is to keep the locks always beautiful, shiny and voluminous, but for this it is essential to know your hair type well so that you can offer it the most appropriate care.

Each type of hair will have to be taken care of differently, what is applied to straight hair will not have the same result on wavy or curly hair for example, but there is one thing that all hair needs regardless of its type, hydration.

The hair is "bombarded" daily with the most varied situations that can harm it, whether with a progressive, a bleaching, painting, dryer and several other situations caused by external agents such as sun and pollution, all this makes the hair weaker. brittle, with frizz and even the fall.
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Nowadays there are already several masks on the market that perform this hair hydration, but for those who want to enhance it and leave it with an even greater hydration power, you can use some homemade tips that are super easy.

The use of hydration with milk cream is a great way to recover dry and damaged hair, that is, hair that is always undergoing chemical processes, paintings and other care methods that women use to leave their hair the way they want.
Hydration with sour cream
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When checking the information contained in the nutritional table of the milk cream box, you will be able to notice that the milk cream is rich in lipids (Fat) that will help in the hydration of the hair, it will also return the hair to softness, shine and nutrition. , is most ideal for curly, frizzy, chemically or bleached hair.


But using only cream on the hair is not recommended, firstly because according to its nutritional information it contains a reasonable amount of sodium that can dry out the hair, and secondly because cream has a more acidic pH (+-6, 5), when compared to hair (3.8 to 5).

To reduce the negative effects on hair that acidity and sodium can cause, it is essential to use milk cream mixed in a hair mask that has a less acidic PH that is more or less the same PH of the hair. Well, now let's learn how to make this mask, well then check out the tips.

Easy step tutorials

Nowadays it is much easier to learn these homemade recipes, there are several videos on youtube showing the whole process, including the result, see the best ones.

Save your hair with sour cream

Vanressa Ribeiro shows how she moisturizes and nourishes her hair with the cream, explains in detail its benefits such as defining curls, treating dry hair and the incredible shine that the cream brings.

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With a simple mixture, Tô de Crespa, a super famous youtube channel, explains the step-by-step process of its recipe that leaves hair shiny and full of life.

Hydration with sour cream: How to do it

The homemade recipe is super easy to make, it works both for those who are used to using other types of homemade masks such as cornstarch, as well as for those who are trying it for the first time.

To make the hydration with milk cream, you will need to use the following ingredients, the hydration mask and the cream.

The measure of each ingredient is as follows, for each spoon of milk cream, use two of your hydration cream (which has a lower ph). mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

Make the amount of hydration mask with milk cream that your hair will need, apply to damp hair that should already be washed with shampoo, after applying, secure the hair and put a cap or the famous bag for 15 to 30 minutes, in then wash your hair normally in cold water and apply the products you are used to using.
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Milk and Olive Oil, Cornstarch or Honey

Ah people who also use the olive oil in the hydration with milk cream and claim that it obtains great results, but for those who do not wish to use olive oil, you can choose to use either cornstarch or honey, the measure will be the same as using milk cream.

This is a great recipe for women who are tired of buying masks that promise to hydrate their hair and in the end don't give much result, this hydration recipe with milk cream can enhance these weaker masks.