Makeup for a 15th birthday party: Inspirations and how to do it


The 15th birthday is a very special date not only for the birthday girl, but also for the guests and they all want to look beautiful on this very beautiful date.

Because it's such an important date in a girl's life, it shouldn't be missed.

That's why it's time to think about the details for planning the party that should be decorated based on the theme chosen by the birthday girl.

No matter the style of the 15th birthday party, the birthday girl's look needs to be impeccable on this day, with beautiful hair and makeup!

There is no debutante who doesn't want to rock their fifteenth birthday, so they try to make everything perfect.

Not so less important than the choice of dress, shoe and decoration, makeup must be chosen carefully so that it enhances the positive points of your face such as: eyes, mouth and even eyebrows.


Many doubts arise in the debutante's head on this subject, among them:

Does the makeup need to match the dress? Do you need to be delicate? Can I use false eyelashes?

Among others, the main thing to do is to do several makeup tests beforehand, because only then will you see which one suits you and your skin type.

The chosen tones don't necessarily have to match the color of the dress, but the colors need to talk to each other!

Simple 15th birthday party makeup

There are options for all styles, from a more neutral and soft makeup to a bolder one with more striking eyes, what matters is that you feel good, because only then will this day be unforgettable.

To help them, we selected some photos and videos with tutorials teaching the step-by-step makeup for a 15th birthday party. Check it out:

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Makeup for a guest 15th birthday party

Were you invited and still have no idea what kind of makeup to do?

Well, we separate some inspirations that will make you rock the party, check it out.

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15th birthday party makeup pictures

When choosing makeup, take into account the color of the dress you are going to wear and also pay attention to the time of the party, so you can choose makeup for a 15th birthday party according to the occasion, whether day or night.

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How to do makeup for 15th birthday parties

If you don't have a lot of practice and don't want to spend it on a beauty salon, why do you want to do the makeup yourself. A great option is to check out the videos below. So you'll see how it goes step by step to ensure a perfect make-up.

15th birthday party makeup pink and silver

A perfect make-up not only for a 15th birthday party but for any occasion, especially if you like a bolder and super attractive make-up.

Makeup for a 15th birthday party, by Camila Coelho

A combination with blue and lilac and your makeup will be perfect, ideal for various dress colors and can also be used for graduations, weddings and any event that requires a more elaborate makeup.

Makeup for bridesmaids and debutantes

A glamorous makeup for women who like glitter and a makeup that is powerful, the step by step is super simple, just follow Camila Coelho's tips and throw yourself at the party.

Naturally glowing evening makeup

Knowing the graduation time is ideal for doing the makeup accordingly. Simple, powerful and super attractive, this makeup tutorial is perfect for girls who want something that's easy to do and that's the height of the occasion.