Mini tattoo: Models of delicate female mini tattoos


We already know that large tattoos are still the most sought after in tattoo studios, however, mini tattoos are conquering their space especially among women looking for small and delicate options to get their first tattoo since the pain will be much less and the afraid of not getting used to the idea either.

Who has never had a huge desire to get a tattoo but ended up being afraid to dare in the choice for fear of regret or maybe because they have a profession that does not allow the use of tattoos on display, in this case the mini tattoo is the best option because they are more discreet, are easier to hide it and let's face it they are super beautiful and bring an extra femininity to the look!

A tiny tattoo to be perfect needs to be a little more than a centimeter, and it needs to have fine and delicate traits, regarding the design it should be simpler without too many details, because you already imagined wanting a lotus flower full of details and colors in miniature? it will be a real blur and lose all feeling.

A tattoo is something definitive, so it is extremely important that you are sure of what you want and if you really want to get a tattoo, take a few days to research and do not do anything on impulse as once you have it done, there is no going back.

Best Places to Get a Mini Tattoo 

For each style of tattoo, a specific part of the body is indicated, for this reason it is important to choose a reliable and attentive tattoo artist, as it will take several conversations for you to decide together if the place you want to tattoo matches the chosen design. See the most suitable places for this style of tattoo:

  • Pulse
  • Neck
  • Fingers
  • Ankle
  • back of neck
  • in the middle of the breasts
  • Shoulder

Another positive point of the small tattoo is that the value is much lower than if you chose to make a larger and more elaborate model, as it will not need several sessions and certainly the pain will be much less. After choosing the design, try to better research the meaning of the symbol as often the design can be cute but the meaning leaves something to be desired, choose carefully, keep in mind that this will accompany you for the rest of your life, on the internet there are several sites that can help you in this process.
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Mini tattoo: Models of delicate female mini tattoos

We selected some models that are simply surreal as they are so beautiful to inspire them to choose a perfect model! I'm sure you will fall in love...