Brunettes with Highlights in their Hair – Photos


It's always good to give your look a makeover, making you look even more beautiful and with higher self-esteem. Women in general love to change their look, whether it's getting a new haircut or simply a beautiful hairstyle, but what many people don't know is that, as in clothing fashion, hair also follows trends and every year there are new tricks, cuts and colors.

The highlights are a great option for women who want to change their look without taking too much risk, as it will remain the original color of the strands, giving just an extra highlight and shine to the locks. In black hair, this is totally possible, because, even though it is a dark color, there are many others that can counterbalance the look.

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The lights have the power to light up the face leaving the hair even more modern, but of course the change will depend on the shade and type of lights you will choose because today there are several options that can be closer to the original hair color, even in lighter tones that give even more prominence over the natural color of the wires.

The first step when making your highlights is to decide how many strands you want to pull and lighten. If you just want to make your hair more lit, the ideal is the thinnest highlights throughout the hair, but be careful not to overdo it. The ideal is to use the brightest lights in the summer and the darkest in the winter making you look beautiful in all seasons, the most important thing is that you feel good.

Remember it's always important to seek the help of a trusted professional to ensure the health of your hair and not look horrible and you regret it. 
Ideal shade of highlights in the hair of brunettes:
For those who have hair with a black base, the tip is to use highlights with warmer tones, such as the colors: chocolate and red. For women with dark or medium brown hair, the golden or honey tone matches perfectly and looks super beautiful.
A trick often used in beauty salons for brunette women with black or brown hair is the 3D lights that mix 3 colors together with the natural color of the strands, giving a gradient effect.
How to Make Lights at Home – Step by Step:
Check out the full video below teaching the step by step of how to make lights at home in a simple and practical way. See:

Photos of lights in Morenas: