Know what hair mass replacement is and when it should be done


Here on the blog we always try to give the best and most up-to-date tips about the female world, and hair is one of the subjects that causes the most doubts among women, as is the case of hair mass replacement, after all why and when it should be done? Stay tuned for our tips to find out.

To make the hair beautiful and shiny is not easy, several creams, shampoos, dryers, flat irons, chemicals and progressives are necessary, together with external factors such as pollution and the heat of the sun, all this ends up leaving the hair weaker, thinner and thinner. because all these factors cause the hair to lose nutrients.

hair mass replacement

What is hair mass replacement

All these aggressions that we cause to the hair are necessary to leave them in the desired way, however this generates as a consequence the loss of amino acids and nutrients from the hair, and with that to restore the hair mass it becomes necessary.

Hair mass replacement is nothing more than returning these lost amino acids and nutrients to the hair again, about 90% of the hair is composed of keratin and this missing protein in the hair makes it thinner than brittle, leaving it looking lifeless.

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How to restore hair mass

Hair mass replacement can be done with pure liquid keratin, but for women who do not like to apply pure keratin to their hair, you can also opt for reconstruction masks, to know which mask is best, check its ingredients if it contains proteins and amino acids such as collagen, keratin, ceramides, cysteine and arginine, to apply to the hair is very simple


1 – Start washing your hair as you normally do with your shampoo, if it is the keratin base even better.

2 – After that, dry the hair slightly, leaving it damp.

3 – Separate the hair into parts then start applying part by part

4 – Check the time that the product should stay on the hair in the package, on average it is 10 minutes.

5 – After the specified time, wash your hair in cold water to seal the cuticles and that’s it.

The focus of the article is to explain exactly what it is when hair restoration is needed, we will not recommend any products to apply, but they can be easily found in pharmacies and cosmetics stores.

How often to replace the hair mass

The number of times you will do the replacement will depend from hair to hair, but for hair that is very damaged because of the chemicals used, you can replace hair mass at least once every 15 days, for healthy hair 1 once a month is more than enough.

Well, now that you know the essentials, it's time to replace your hair, always take care of the locks so that they are always beautiful, voluminous and shiny.

Experiences of those who have used it

To decide whether or not you want to use this technique, nothing better than hearing experiences from those who have already used it, so check out these testimonials to help them in that decision.

The truth about hair replacement by Abner Matias

According to Abner Matias, this hair mass replacement is nothing more than a reconstruction, in this video he exposes his opinion about this technique and does not usually recommend it to his clients, see and draw your conclusions.

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Gabriele Olimpio tells how was her experience with hair mass replacement, as she says, her hair became shinier and softer.

Making the replacement at home

Gothinha on her channel shows how she does her hair replacement at home, but instead of using keratin in her ingredients, she uses arginine that she says is just as powerful.