Canned sardines are not bad for health, Check out its Benefits


Can sardines hurt? This is a common doubt of people who choose not to consume canned products because the material used to manufacture the cans is harmful to health, but is this really true? Keep reading the article to find out.

Fish is a rich source of vitamins and minerals for the body, they stand out mainly for having large amounts of omega 3 which is a great ally in the prevention of cardiovascular problems, inflammation, diabetes, cholesterol in addition to treating several other problems.

Canned sardines are bad

The problem with fish is that its expiration date is very short, so it should be consumed as soon as possible, unlike canned sardines where its expiration date can be extended for a long time.

Canned sardines benefits

When it comes to quality, it is clear that fresh sardines are the healthiest choice to be consumed, but when compared to canned sardines their benefits are very similar, the fact that it is subjected to high temperature does not harm its vitamins in almost anything. and minerals.

The first benefit of opting for sardines in lada is practicality, anyone who has had the opportunity to prepare a sardine or any other fresh fish knows that it is not an easy task, since the canned is practically ready, saving a lot of time and money.

We know that fish is not a very common dish on the Brazilian table, its consumption only increases considerably during Lent, but it is time to start including it in more quantity to enjoy its benefits, and for those who don't have time to to prepare it the best alternative is canned sardines.


In addition to omega 3, canned sardines also contain Vitamin b12, B3, B6, Vitamin D, E, and minerals such as selenium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium and zinc, it has only 10.5 grams of fat and 22.7 grams of protein.

Are sardines in a can bad for your health?

The idea that canned sardines are bad for you arose because in the old days cans were made of toxic substances such as bisphenol (BPA) and phthalate, which are substances that can be harmful to the body, but it is always good to check the cans if these substances are not present in its composition.

To be preserved, canned sardines contain a considerable amount of sodium, so its use should be limited by people who have high blood pressure problems and diabetes, another harmful factor of the large amount of sodium is the fact that the body retains more liquid.

It is also not recommended for those who want to lose weight since each can of sardines has about 191 calories.

Sardines also contain purine, it metabolizes into uric acid in the body and is therefore not recommended for those who have problems with gout or are predisposed to having kidney stones.

These are the only contraindications in the consumption of canned sardines, if the person does not have gout or predisposition to have kidney stones, they can eat it without further problems.

But its consumption should be moderated mainly by people who have high blood pressure, the ideal is to consume an average of 3 units of canned sardines per week, but in order to clear any doubts it is always good to consult a nutritionist.