Sexonambulism: Understand more about this disorder


Sexonambulism, a little-known word, but with a meaning that can get to be very serious, well, by the word you can already have an idea about what we are going to talk about, about people who perform sexual acts while sleeping.

Everyone has heard about sleepwalking people, they get up while they are still sleeping, walk around the house, talk, they can even do complex tasks like cooking and going out.

What is sexwalking

In sexnambulism, also known as sexsomnia, as well as in sleepwalking, the person behaves as if he were awake, but in this case, instead of just walking around and performing tasks, he performs sexual acts if accompanied or masturbation.

One of the problems with all this is the fact that the person doesn't remember anything the next day, and he can only find out that he really goes through this situation if the person who accompanies him notices and warns him.



Another fact that can be an aggravating factor is when the person who suffers from this problem tries to perform sexual acts with people he does not know or with close relatives, because he is sleeping the person will try to perform the sexual act, and because he is on "automatic mode" he can or not be aggressive.


About 7% of the population has this sleep disorder, there is no consensus on the exact percentage, since most people choose not to reveal this disorder because they feel ashamed, the vast majority of cases occur with men, but although it is also rare can happen to women.

Some of the behaviors that a person who has sexwalking can perform are fondling, oral sex, climactic intercourse and even rape.

common causes

Some factors can contribute to sexwalking, including:

  • alcohol use
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • obstructive apnea

It's dangerous? Is there a cure? What to do?

Well, being woken up and being forced to perform sexual acts with the partner is no longer pleasant, it is even worse when it happens to someone who is not a sexual partner, in addition to generating aggression by the part that is being forced, there is still the risk of contracting sexual diseases as there will not be a preventive method.

Unfortunately, this is a disorder that has no cure, but it can be controlled with drugs that can reduce symptoms in a short time, and for that it is necessary to seek a doctor and a psychotherapist.

The information obtained in this article was found on the internet and therefore is merely informative, if you suffer from any disorder it is always ideal to seek a doctor, we do not perform any type of diagnosis or treatment.

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