Nursing tattoo: 40 ideas to honor the profession


In addition to the name of the children, mother, father, illustration of the pet, another theme very chosen among people who visit tattoo studios is the love for the profession that is at the top of the list, and today we will talk about the nursing tattoo.

This is a timeless fashion and has been conquering more and more fans all over the world.

If you have this background, it is likely that you have seen at least one professional friend with a tattoo honoring this beautiful and commendable profession that is saving lives.

Do not underestimate the importance of nurses because they do a very important job, screening for example is done by nurses.

Other essential care, such as administering medication to the vein, giving stitches and others, are jobs done with great care and love by nurses, let's say that hospitals, clinics and maternity hospitals would not work if there were no nurses.

After all this explanation, it was much easier to understand this love for the profession.


If you are proud to be a nurse and want to somehow honor all that love, bet on a tattoo that contains something that makes you noticed as a health professional.

Nursing tattoo: Perfect ideas to get inspired

The symbol that refers to nursing is an oil lamp, a red cross and a snake that when united symbolize respect, care, zeal and strength!

The size is up to you, it can be small, large, medium and can contain only one drawing or it can be accompanied by an inspiring phrase from a series, book or movie about medicine.

In addition to the lamp symbol, other symbols widely used for referring to nursing are the stethoscope, heart, skeleton, syringe, nurse's hat, heartbeat and others.

There are a thousand and one tattoo styles to choose from, with thin or thick strokes, shaded, black or colored.

Delicate and small nursing tattoo

Most women opt for small and more delicate designs, because in addition to being beautiful and feminine, they are more discreet.

So if your profession has norms and rules you can disguise it using a sleeve blouse or even an accessory such as a watch or bracelet to cover it if it is on the wrist for example.

Usually the delicate tattoo has fine traits, and can be of a single color or contain more than one color, but it needs to be harmonious!

The focus is that it is discreet, delicate at the same time and with an incredible meaning, for this you can use small phrases accompanied by drawings.

Phrases for Tattoo of medicine or nursing 

Tattoos with phrases are super high and this was more evident due to the great success of series with grey's anatomy for example, which is without a doubt my favorite series.

During these series on medicine, some striking phrases are said, such as the phrase “[Today is] A beautiful day to save lives” repeated by the character of grey's anatomy Derek Shepherd every time he came in for surgery.

Anyway, choose a phrase that matches your love for the profession, see some ideas for phrases below and get inspired:

  • [Today is] A beautiful day to save lives
  • May my life serve to save many other lives
  • the art of caring
  • I'm a nurse, yes sir
  • Proud to be a nurse (nurse)
  • Each person has a gift, mine is to take care of lives
  • God guide my steps
  • Medicine is the art of sharing life.
  • More than a profession, Medicine is faith in life, love in the heart.

Nursing tattoo with phrases

Nurse tattoo on arm

Because it is a large region that allows greater possibility of drawings in larger sizes, the arm is one of the most tattooed places, especially among the male audience who prefer larger and more complex tattoos.

Anyway, you can tattoo on the back of the arm, from the shoulder to the elbow, on the forearm or cover the whole arm but you need to make sure of the rules of where you work.

The health segment still has reservations about showing tattoos and leaving them in evidence can even be an obstacle to getting a job or even achieving that promotion.

Some regions such as the shoulder, back and part of the arms are easy to hide with the use of the lab coat.

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Nursing Tattoo: Photos

To finish with a flourish, stay now with our gallery full of photos of incredible tattoos, one is more beautiful than the other, which will certainly be difficult for you to choose.

If you have doubts, separate the ones you liked the most and show them to your friends, they will certainly help you decide, but the final decision should be yours alone.

When it comes to tattooing, you have to be very careful when choosing the professional who will perform the work as well as the design that will be tattooed, since the tattoo is something permanent, so even if you regret it or don't like the result, erasing it is not impossible and it will take several laser sessions that will cause a lot of pain, not to mention the value per session that is not cheap.

So, as much as getting a new tattoo is something exciting, don't go through the heads of others and much less fall into the cliché of following some trend unless you really like it. It's super common to see people bearing the names of ex-girlfriends on their skin, phrases in other languages with grotesque letters and even those terrible hearts and stars on their shoulders that a few years ago were quite successful, and nowadays many people are trying to cover them up. them with other arts.