Hair types – Straight curly or curly, Find out which one is yours


There are many doubts from both women and men about their hair type. There are those who believe that hair is just straight, curly and curly, but its classification is much more detailed than that and today we are going to talk a little about each of them.

Hair is divided into 4 types or categories and each category is divided into 3 different subcategories they are the 1ABC, 2ABC, 3ABC OR 4ABC, many people are kind of in doubt about which type of hair fits, because when compares each of them one or the other may be a little similar, but each has its distinct characteristic.

Understanding which type of hair yours fits is of fundamental importance to be able to take care of it in the most appropriate way, the creams, masks and treatments may be different for each type and knowing which one is yours you can take care of it in the best possible way, leaving your hair in this way. always strong beautiful and bright. In addition, women will be able to choose cuts that best suit their hair type.

hair types

Straight hair type (1A, 1B, 1C)


The hair type 1A it's that completely smooth and very fine hair, without any wavy, this type of hair usually suffers a little from oil, the fact that it is smooth and thin, makes it easier for the oil from the scalp to go down to all the hair.

The 1B hair type it doesn't differ in much with the 1A, its problem with oiliness is the same, but it is a little more full-bodied, with medium texture and it is possible to find a little ripple here and there, its ends can also have a slight ripple.

The 1C hair type It is still very smooth with slight curves and because it is thicker it weighs down, so any attempt to curl it may fail.

Wavy hair types (2A, 2B, 2C)


The hair type 2A it is thinner and has a slight S-shaped wave that extends throughout the hair, it can be easily straightened as it can also be curly, because the strands are not so wavy, they end up suffering a little from oiliness.


The 2B hair type it already has more defined curls but it is still not that curl with volume, it tends to be more glued to the head, it is a type of hair more prone to having frizz.

The 2C hair type it already has much more designed and defined undulations, it tends to be a little more voluminous and is also not so glued to the head.

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Curly hair types (3A, 3B, 3C)


The 3A hair type tend to be smoother and thinner near the root and looser, larger and wider curls form along the hair, they are defined on their own without the need to use any device or technique to curl it.

The 3B hair type it has much more defined curls, in addition the curl tends to be more closed, sometimes forming even small moles or spirals, without the use of suitable products it can get quite frizzy.
How to Care for Hair (Curls) Type 3B: Step by Step

The 3C hair type it is much more voluminous, with thicker strands, your curls start from the roots and are much more closed, because it has a greater amount of curls, it tends to be drier at the ends, because the natural oil of the hair has greater difficulty reaching the ends. .

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Curly hair types (4A, 4B, 4C)


The hair type 4A It's easily confused with 3C, but it's a little thicker if your curls are tighter.

The 4B hair type It has a zigzag or Z shape, it is also much denser and thicker when compared to 4A, it can get tangled very easily so special care must be taken when combing it.

The 4C hair type it is much thicker, the shape of the wire is also in Z and they are very closed, so that those who have this type of hair have an average of 70% of reduced hair.

Well, after reading and checking about each type of hair, you can now have an idea of which category yours fits in, now it's time to look for the most suitable products and always keep taking care of your locks.