Fiberglass Nails: Everything you need to know


The fiberglass nail is a technique that is becoming more and more successful among women, not for less as it leaves the nail a nice size and still looks very natural.

A fate that all women go through is trying to let their nails grow until they are a nice size but in the middle of the way something always happens to spoil.

In the slightest carelessness and all is lost, there are many times I've tried to let my nails grow and the simple act of touching it to something made it break, this is something that irritates me a lot.

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Fiberglass nail, a revolutionary technique

Despite not being as popular as the gel or acrylic nail, the fiberglass nail has been proving to be much better than the two previous options, first because it is much more resistant and doesn't break so easily and second because it stays with a very natural look as if it were your own nail.

If you haven't tried it yet, it's worth taking the test to see the result for yourself, of course it's necessary to choose a well-qualified and experienced professional to do the procedure so you don't have problems with the application and also not run the risk of fiberglass comes off.

Learn how fiberglass nail application is done

For the whole process to be carried out, several steps are necessary, so it can be a little time-consuming now in relation to the difficulty, it varies from person to person, but the more you do, the more practice you get.


1 – First, the nail is cut if it is too big and then a cleaning is done to remove nail polish and dirt.

2 – Then a sandpaper is passed that will remove the oil and shine from the nail, this step will also help in the better fixation of the fiberglass.

3 – Now the acid primer is applied and after drying, the gel and fiberglass primer is applied, after which it is taken to dry in a light booth. (When placing the fiberglass, be careful not to leave bubbles that can generate fungi)

4 – Then a layer of gel is applied to the tip of the fiberglass, the tip is secured with a clip and is taken back to the light booth.

5 – Now the nail is sanded to give shape and cleaned with alcohol and finally a finishing base 'top coat' is applied

How to remove gel nails at home: Quick and easy method

Quick and easy fiber nails

Better than reading is seeing how it's done and for that we selected a great video from Cindy Nails channel where she shows in detail how each step is done so that the nail gets that shape so natural in the end.

 Milky tip fiberglass nails

Check out another super interesting video with the step by step of how it is done, so you can solve your doubts about it and also help in the decision if you really want to do this procedure or not.

How maintenance is done

Sometimes it can happen that the fiberglass comes loose or even a blow can end up compromising one of the nails and in this case maintenance will be necessary, as you can see in the video above the procedure is basically done all over again but with the advantage of being done only on the compromised nail

How to remove

There are several factors that lead a woman to want to remove the fiberglass nail, either because she didn't like it, because she loosened it or even to put it back on, as you can see in the video, the removal method can be done with sandpaper, thinning the fiber glass until it is completely removed.

How to remove fiberglass nail at home

Another very interesting and even different removal tip was explained by Laila Lima's channel where she teaches how to remove quickly without the need to use different materials and everything is done in a matter of minutes.

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