Unhas de Natal: 59 Ideias para apostar em 2023 + Passo a Passo


The end of the year is already here and it's time to choose the best decorated nails for Christmas, so have you chosen yours?

With the arrival of Christmas, it is necessary to take care of various preparations such as supper, decoration, buying gifts, in short, these are essential details at Christmas.

But it's no use for the house, gifts and everything else to be impeccable if your nails are being left aside, so beauty care is essential.

Nail care can make all the difference when composing a look.

Decorated nails have become a national fever among women and it wouldn't be precisely at Christmas that you would be without exploring a beautiful Christmas design and spend this significant date without any reference to the nails, don't you agree?

Well, today we brought several tutorials with the step by step of nails decorated for christmas for you to paint your nails yourself and rock.

Remember, it doesn't take practice, just be patient and use your imagination.


São diversas as possibilidades de decoração de unhas para o natal 2023. Basta usar a criatividade e entrar no clima.

Each one is more beautiful than the other and thinking about the possibility that you might be in doubt about what to do, today we have selected dozens of ideas and options for the most variable styles. Check it out:

nail colors for christmas

The tip is to invest in classic Christmas colors such as: red, white and gold, green.

It is also worth abusing decorations that are simple and easy to make on the nails such as the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, the snowflake, bows, candles, snowmen, pine trees, little angels, sleigh reindeer, bells, stars and the garlands which is a strong Christmas symbol.

Easy-to-do video tutorials

Nails decorated for Christmas simple

If you don't want anything too complicated, these ideas listed here are perfect options, it doesn't require much skill and it's not time-consuming to do.


personalized gel nails for christmas

Beautiful works of art can be done on nails with just a few colors, that's what we see in these tips on the 5 Star Manicure channel.


And to make it easier when it comes to decorating your nail, nothing better than following very didactic video lessons, just see how easy it is to get the “face” of Christmas

Christmas nail photos: Models to be inspired by

Take a look at our photo gallery and choose the one you loved the most and see the step by step:

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