Decorated nails 2022: Best tips, photos and trends


Every woman likes to feel beautiful and with that she always looks for ways to improve her look, one of the practices that has become a trend in recent years is the decorated nails 2022 that can make any woman even more beautiful.

Still haven't decided on which decoration you're going to use on your nail? Well, know that there is no shortage of options and to help you in this matter we have selected beautiful models, some easy to make and others that only professionals will be able to do, but remember that for those who don't have practice there is always the option of using nail stickers that also make them wonderful.

Nails decorated with flowers 2022

When it comes to nail art 2022, the best decoration to represent all the woman's femininity is the flower, no matter its color or size, it will always be a good choice.

There are many different shapes to make, roses, daisies, sunflowers, each one with its own level of difficulty, but with a few attempts it is possible to get it right and I guarantee it will be cool, it is not necessary that all nails have flowers, do it in one or two nails will be beautiful

Nails decorated 2022 with flowers are suitable for almost any occasion, going to a social event? Bet on it. And to meet her boyfriend or go to a wedding? They are also good options, see some models.

Simple decorated nails 2022

But what if I don't like a lot of details? It's easy, just bet on the simple decorated nails 2022, in addition to being great for those who want a less flashy decoration, they won't take much of their time as they are faster to do.


Good options for simple decorated nails are the only daughter, francesinha, with stripes, dots or with two colors.

Now, those who want to bet on decorated nails for their ease and not for their simplicity can opt for stickers that won't give any trouble to put on and will still be super decorated.

Nails decorated with stones 2022

But what about a nail decorated with stone 2022? Using small jewel stones can make the nail more than beautiful, STRASS are one of the most requested nail decorations in salons and it's not for less since just like any other they give an incredible decoration.

It is easy to find stones that are suitable for decorating your nails to buy the advantage is that they already come with adhesive on the back that are easy to place, now if the stone you want to use does not have the adhesive, the best alternative is to look for a professional to glue.

Nails decorated only daughter 2022

This is a trend that doesn't go out of style anytime soon and for the year 2022 the only daughter nail decor also promises to rock.

In this nail style, the ring finger must have a different color from the other nails, this trend is very famous in the United States and here in Brazil it is also successful.

Originally, the nail to be painted with a different color is the one corresponding to the ring finger, because it is precisely on this finger that the engagement rings are located. But that doesn't mean it's a mandatory rule, many women also wear different colors on their index fingers, it's all a matter of choice.

Decorated nails 2022: Various colors

Ready for more tips? Well, there are still many models of decorated nails that haven't been mentioned yet, we're not even close to the end yet, now let's talk about the various colors that you can also decorate your nails, and then what's your favorite color?

Red decorated nails

This is the color of love, passion and it's a great color choice to decorate your nails, a color for those who like to draw attention to their nails because they stand out and look super sexy. Check out some models and take it as a base to make yours, it's also worth using the creativity to create different decorations.

black decorated nails

Some love it, others hate it, but it's all a matter of taste, the black used in nail decoration looks great, it's not such a common choice but it's worth betting.

Nude decorated nails

I've already tried the nude decorated nails 2022, if you haven't tried it you're missing a great opportunity to look beautiful, it's certainly good for any occasion, ideal for women who like to dare and be even more feminine.

Blue decorated nails

For those who like that basic color that is not too flashy at first, you may be a little repulsed, but the blue decorated nail tips that we have selected will certainly please all tastes.

Blue decorated nails

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pink decorated nails

What woman doesn't like the color pink? Just as the red ones bring out all the woman's femininity and are mega delicate, you can bet on this color without fear of making a mistake, the images speak for themselves.

Nails Decorated with Heart Photos: Step by step

green decorated nails

Whoever thought that the green nail was not a trend for 2022 is wrong, it is a super high spirits color and it is also possible to make several combinations with other colors, the following images give an example of this.

Black and white decorated nails

How about the combination of black and white? You can't go wrong with this choice, there are several nail decoration options in this color that it's difficult to choose just one, with it you can make several designs such as teddy bears, cross, yin yang and more.

They will surely fall in love with all the image tips we have selected for this color, it's girls it's even hard to choose which one to do, how about one a week.

Red decorated nails: Photos and Step by step

Decorated nails for feet 2022

Whoever said that the feet should be left out, they also deserve special attention, after the tips that we are going to give you, you won't even want to wear sneakers anymore, just sandals and flat sandals, check it out.

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