Striated Nails: Causes, Symptoms Treatment (Top Tips)


Having striated nails is a more common problem than you might think, but it shouldn't be ignored. They commonly appear with advancing age, but they can also indicate other health problems.

They say that the body speaks, this statement is true especially when it comes to discovering diseases, when something is not working well within the body the first signs can be noticed through our body.

ridged nails
striated nails (grooves in the nails)

Stretch marks on nails are common in mature women, this has more to do with age than any other reason, but it can also mean that some kind of vitamin may be lacking in the body, it can also indicate other diseases.

For those who like to take care of their appearance, such as women, having vertical or horizontal grooves on their nails can be very uncomfortable, but with the correct treatment and nutrition, this can be corrected.

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What are striated nails

For those who thought that stretch marks appeared only on the skin, they were wrong, just like stretch marks that appear on the skin, stretch marks on nails look like small grooves on nails, they can be transverse or longitudinal, but the most common types of stretch marks on nails are the longitudinal ones.


They can appear on both the fingers and toes. To notice them just run your fingertip over the nail and if you find irregularities or notice small higher lines, it can be an indication that there are streaks on the nails.

Causes and symptoms of striated nails

The most common cause for this problem is natural aging, nails as well as hair are formed by keratin, as we age its production is less and less, but other causes can contribute to the grooves in the nails as is the case of skin dryness, lack of protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin A in the body, can also leave nails soft, brittle and lifeless.

Generally, those who suffer from stretch marks on the nails do not have major symptoms other than those that can be seen on the nails themselves as shown in the image above, and in addition to the most common causes already mentioned, there are still others that will be listed below:

  • lack of nutrients
  • Excessive cold or heat
  • Aging
  • lack of protein
  • Vitamins, especially D
  • Use of chemicals
  • Health problems
  • UV rays
  • nail biting
  • hypothyroidism
  • Eating disorders

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Treatment for striated nails

The best way to treat this problem after it appears is to seek the help of a specialist so that he can identify the probable cause of the problem and treat exactly what may be causing the grooves on the nails, the dermatologist is the most appropriate doctor to look for.

Blood tests may be ordered to rule out any nutritional problems or eating disorders.

The ideal is always to take care of food supplying the daily needs of vitamins and minerals, especially those related to nails, which are protein, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin A.

I have a stretch mark on my nail. And now?

According to Bernadette Terracciano, striated nails can have more common causes than one might imagine and, having also gone through this situation, she sought to know what it could be and also the best treatments, see the video where she tells her testimony and what measures were taken. including your diet to solve this problem once and for all.

How to hide stretch marks on nails

After the problem is already there, there is not much to do other than look for a dermatologist, but some techniques can be performed in order to disguise the grooves that end up spoiling the look.

Leave the nails to soak for about 5 to 10 minutes to make it easier to even them out, then use a file and sand until the surface is even, and if you feel the urge to apply nail polish, hold back since it may also contain chemical ingredients that can make the situation worse.