Valentine's Day Message 2023: Short and Romantic


Among so many beautiful moments in a couple's life, Valentine's Day is one of the most special dates there is, after all, it's a date when couples go looking for creative ways to surprise their love! And for this year it would be no different, we prepared in this article, a selection with the most beautiful messages for valentines day 2023 for you who want to declare all your love to that special person who is by your side in all circumstances.

These messages are perfect because not everyone can do well using words, many people end up getting confused about what to write to show all their feeling, so these messages and phrases are indicated in cases like this.

These messages and images of love were handpicked with great care, and all types of couples were thought of, whether for you who want a simple and short message, but with a beautiful meaning or for the most passionate couples who don't give up. of the traditional long letters!

Message for Valentine's Day 2022

Message for Valentine's Day 2023

In Brazil, the date is celebrated on June 12, the eve of Saint Anthony's day, known for the fame of "Santo Matchmaker". Take the day to make your partner happy, whether through a gift, lunch or breakfast accompanied by a card with a beautiful message, it's simple gestures like this that make a difference.

Don't be afraid to dare to make a statement of love, with beautiful phrases capable of showing all your affection and affection for the loved one. At the beginning of any relationship, both do everything to surprise and see their partner happy, but as the vast majority of relationships end up wearing out and falling into routine, the solution is to look for tips on how to rekindle the flame of love for maintain a happy and lasting relationship.


It was with this in mind that we selected the best images with messages for valentines day 2023 that can be sent either through a letter or online on social networks anyway, innovate and make your love even happier!


  1. What I feel for you is greater than anything I've ever been able to feel in my life. It is incapable of being explained. It's for sure. The reason, the reason. It's for life. It's just love.
  2. Dating with you is too yummy! I'm not just talking about kisses and hugs, but the complicity of being able to walk hand in hand with you. From the harmony we have in our eyes, from staying up late at night talking, laughing at a dull joke, watching movies and planning to do everything we see, in addition to moments commenting on the most useless nonsense possible.
  3. You are the greatest gift God could give me. I love you today and forever! Happy Valentine's Day!
  4. I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope and every dream I've ever had in my life, and whatever happens in the future, every day we're together is the best day of my life. I will always be yours. And you, my dear, will always be mine.
  5. “The beauty of love is when, being able to fly, someone chooses to land and stay by your side, being able to choose other nests, other paths, prefers to stay, and together we can take flight, and there in the sky, in the air, love.”
  6. Love is the most perfect feeling, which involves the human being as a whole: spirit, soul and body. Love comes from God, “because God is Love”. God wants to bless you with love. Happy Valentine's Day!
  7. “Love is big and it fits in this window over the sea. The sea is big and fits in the bed and mattress to love. Love is big and fits in the brief space of kissing.”
  8. Only you know me; only you make me smile and face tomorrow with happiness in my heart. Happy Valentine's day, my love!
  9. The feeling that unites us is more than a happy chance, it is a love story. Happy Valentine's Day!
  10. You are the man of my dreams and the best part of my reality. Happy Valentine's Day, love of my life!
  11. Happy Valentine's Day to the person who makes me feel special every day and every hour. I love you!
  12. I love you and I know I will love you all my life, and as this love is eternal I think I will live forever! Happy Valentine's Day!
  13. Today is Valentine's Day, lovers. It is the day of love, of passion, of what gives emotion and color to our lives. For what would life be without love? And even worse, what would my life be without my love? I don't know, nor do I ever want to find out. Because you are everything to me, your happiness is mine too, and my smile always depends on yours. I love you, today and forever! Happy Valentine's Day!
  14. When you arrived, love was made, time passed, and our love only increased and consolidated. Today, I am no longer me without you. I love you!
  15. I love you in all languages and letters. In every way and every way. In the purest way anyone can love. I just love you!
  16. The love you feel for someone shouldn't be measured by the space they occupy in your heart, but by the void they leave every time they leave!
  17. You are the most beautiful story that happened to me, without which I don't know and I don't even want to be without anymore. I love you. Thank you for giving meaning and direction to my life.
  18. I need you by my side urgently – come soon, come running, because my arms yearn for your hug and my lips need your kisses… I miss you… I love you!
  19. Did you know that you make me crazy in love? I feel so much need to be with you, that it's difficult to do any kind of activity, whether studying or working, when I'm careless – I stumble, I miss seeing things I should, just because I love you!
  20. If it were possible to measure the love I feel for you, all the love in the world would still be little. I love you!
  21. I love to listen when you speak, I pay attention to your every move and I am delighted when I receive your caresses in return, nothing in this world could say how fulfilled I feel to be by your side, I wonder how it would be possible to feel such a great feeling !
  22. Living a great love is the greatest experience that a human being can share with someone. In light of this, I want to ask you to share a life and a love with me. I love you!
  23. Our story is beautiful, we have something in common, and despite things being as they are, the existing difficulties and barriers, I'm willing to live this love, how about you?
  24. My world turns into something better than I could ever imagine when I'm by your side. love you love!
  25. There is nothing that can stop me from loving you, no boring mother-in-law, no dark past or distance, you complete me and I believe I complete you, for that reason I can say that nothing will be able to take me away from you and take you away from me !
  26. I love. I love your mouth. I love your nose. I love your ear. I love your eyebrows. I love your hair. I love your eyes. I love your spots. I love your cheeks. I love your neck. I love your shoulder. I love your arms. I love your hand. I love your fingers. I love your belly. I love your hip. I love your thighs. I love your legs. I love your foot. I love everything, everything about you. Happy Valentine's Day!