Injectable Vitamin B12: What is it for and what are its benefits


Today's tip goes to those people who want to know what injectable Vitamin B12 is for, we will also talk about what situations we should use and how it works in our body.

Normally, only with daily food is enough to supply the necessary daily amount of Vitamin B12 in our body, but under certain conditions a deficiency of this vitamin can end up.

As it is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body, when a deficiency of this vitamin is noticed it is necessary to restore it to its normal levels as soon as possible, sometimes doctors recommend pills for this replacement, but when its lack starts to be harmful it is It is recommended to use injectable Vitamin B12 as it is fully absorbed by our body.

Injectable Vitamin B12
Injectable Vitamin B12: What is it for?

Advantages of Injectable Vitamin B12

The main sources of vitamin B12 are in foods such as meat, sardines, chicken, cheese, eggs and others, which ends up being bad news for vegetarians who do not have these foods included in their diet.

In addition to vegetarians, people who have had part of their stomach or intestines removed may be deficient in this vitamin.

When daily needs are met, several benefits can be noticed for the body, in a general framework it accelerates metabolism, opens the appetite, stimulates the production of red blood cells, prevents cancer, prevents encephalomyelitis, renews cells being beneficial Mainly for nails, skin and hair, it maintains liver health, provides more energy during the day and even sleep and mood are improved.

When does Vitamin B12 deficiency occur?

Some people are more likely to have a Vitamin B12 deficiency, and if you are in any of these situations, it is ideal to seek medical assistance so that you can be replacing the necessary daily amounts.


In addition to vegetarians and people who have had part of their stomach or intestines removed, people who abuse alcohol, have kidney or pancreas disease, people with Crohn's disease or celiac disease may also have lower than normal levels of Vitamin B12.

Injectable vitamin b12 fattening?

On the contrary, because it is associated with a faster metabolism and also provides more energy to the body, for those who have a deficiency of this vitamin, you may notice weight loss, but these effects will only be noticed in people with a deficiency of this vitamin, already in people who already have normal levels of vitamin b12 these effects are not noticed.

It can be concluded that it is useless to apply high doses of vitamin B12 in the body with the aim of losing weight, it is not only this question that will lead to weight loss, but a balanced diet accompanied by physical exercises.

The ideal is always to seek a medical consultation so that he can assess the real need to supplement the body with injectable vitamin B12, in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergy or the ingestion of any type of medication that may interfere with the result, the Injectable vitamin B12 may not be recommended.

Optimal levels of Vitamin B12

Our Vitamin B12 needs vary throughout life, this is because for children the amount is slightly less than for an adult, for children up to 6 months the recommended daily amount is 0.0004mg per day, and according to As your age increases your levels will also rise to 0.0024mg which is the recommended amount for 14 year olds for the rest of their lives.