Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price


Anyone who is a woman knows how difficult it is to keep hair hydrated and beautiful, even though there are a thousand options of creams in the cosmetics market, finding one that really is, good and cheap can be almost impossible, many times we have to test several and several brands for those who know maybe find one that suits our hair.

A cheap product that has been conquering many bloggers is the Yamasterol cream that adapts to all hair textures and the best of all is that it can be used both as a combing cream and also as a hydration mask. If you have never heard of this product but are curious to know more, keep reading this article and we will solve the most frequent questions people have about this wonderful product!

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price

For you to understand a little more about the success of the product, it belongs to the Yamá brand, which has been on the market for over 50 years and one of its strong characteristics is its cost-effectiveness since, unlike other creams, it is the only with multifunctional function, that is, it can be used as both shampoo and conditioner, leave-in, hydration mask, comb cream, in short, it meets all your needs in one bottle.

Benefits of Yamasterol Cream

If when going to the market you found a shelf full of yamasterol creams and you were completely confused about which option to choose, since it has in addition to yellow 3 different variations, being pink, yellow, gold, white and blue. The effects that we can find in the four are their power to hydrate the most dry or damaged hair by chemical procedures such as dyes, straightening and bleaching.

Yields a lot: It is a lighter and thinner cream, so it only takes a little to apply all over your hair.

Finisher: It is super suitable for curly hair because, in addition to helping to give it much more definition, it also prevents and controls frizz. In addition, it is perfect for women with thinner and thinner hair because it helps to add volume.


Revitalizer: To make the perfect day after, it is necessary to use lighter creams, so the hairs are not so heavy and will have a more natural appearance. To get good results you need to mix it with saline solution and apply.

Composition: Free from detergents or any type of mineral oil, the cream does not harm the hair because, when analyzing its formula, you will only find natural substances.

Sunscreen for Hair: It protects the wires from natural damages such as sun, rain and the cold, in addition, it is widely used as a kind of sunscreen for the wires because it acts by protecting the hair from the effects of chlorine in swimming pools. However, for it to have an effect, you need to apply it every time you enter or leave the water.

What's the composition?

Most creams, even the most expensive, contain paraffin and sodium lauryl sulfate derivatives, substances that destroy hair, and Yamasterol is an exception among so many products because it has only natural products found in nature, check them out below:

Contrimonium Hydrochloride: emulsifier extracted from coconut. It reduces frizz, nourishes and conditions the hair and leaves it much shinier.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera): That revitalizes the wires, prevents fall, nourishes and gives much more shine.
Panthenol: An extract of vitamin B5. Improves hair absorption, moisturizes and nourishes.

Yamasterol cream types

Due to the great success of the brand, the company started to invest in new formulas and today, it is possible to find in addition to the traditional yellow color plus 3 incredible versions.

Yamasterol Aloe (Traditional)

It is more suitable for moisturizing, detangling and protecting the hair, including from the sun and chlorine. It can be used both as a rinse and hair cream.

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price

Yamasterol Hydrolyzed Protein (blue and white packaging)

If you do any type of chemical in your hair, this version will undoubtedly be a hand in the wheel for you, and best of all this version can be used with or without rinsing after shampoo.

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price

Yamasterol Argan (Golden Pack)

Certainly this is the version with the greatest power of hydration, however, it is contraindicated for those who have mixed and oily hair.

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price

Yamasterol Keratin (Pink Pack)

Rich in keratin and panthenol and does not contain silicones and other substances that attack the hair. Being a great shampoo substitute!

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price

Yamasterol Co Wash/Less Poo

Perfect for people who are adept at low-poo techniques (using sulfate-free shampoo) and or no-poo (washing without shampoo) and co-washing (washing with conditioner).

Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream: Types, How to Use and Price


Where to buy? How much?

You can find it in any supermarket in your city or also in stores specializing in cosmetics or if you prefer you can also buy online, see some online stores that deliver all over the country.

www.lojasrede.com.br > 320g per R$ 7.99

www.araujo.com.br > 200g per R$ 4.99

www.americanas.com.br > 320g per R$ 9.00