90 Custom Embroidered Towels: Step by step


Do you want to gift someone or are looking for souvenir ideas for your wedding that is original and cheap, invest in embroidered towels, you can buy a plain, simple towel and give it an extra boost using crochet thread and some lace patches transforming a piece that was once simple and boring, into a truly beautiful and unique work of art!

Beautiful and easy to make, they have a wide variety of different models and embroidery. Many people are earning a lot from the sale of handcrafted products, which were once overlooked, but which nowadays are conquering more and more customers.

If you want to learn this technique to make your home much more charming or if you want to give it as a gift to someone special or also, to sell and make good money at the end of the month, then you are in the right place. more diverse existing embroidery techniques in addition to some graphics.

90 Custom Embroidered Towels: Step by step

Whoever receives a treat like this is super grateful and feels special for so much affection after all, the person who made it put love in every stitch given on the fabric. In view of all this versatility and also the various and various techniques that can be carried out in the making of this type of craft, we selected some very cool tutorials that we found on the internet. See:

hand embroidered towels

If you don't have the slightest idea how to start my main tip, it would be you to risk some simple drawings, and little by little go to the more elaborate drawings as you gain more skill. You don't need to spend lots of money on the purchase of machines or expensive materials, just have the crochet thread, needle and an inferior fabric to train. See too, Cross Stitch: Step by Step for Beginners.

Name embroidered towels


The towels embroidered with the name, whether in cross stitch, ribbons or machine, are beautiful and are a great way to personalize your items, preventing them from getting mixed up with other people's items, being perfect for children to take to school, swimming or to assemble a complete game to gift a newborn.

Towels embroidered with ribbons:

Through the technique known as fish scale, the embroidery with ribbons leaves the piece chic and sophisticated, perfect for gifting your groomsmen or also, for everyday use in your bathroom, it will look much more beautiful with a towel like this on display.

Embroidered tablecloths:

How about making a beautiful tablecloth to use on a special occasion like Mother's Day or New Year's Eve parties for example. You can make several designs, however, the most delicate ones like flowers are always preferred in this type of craft!

Machine embroidered towels:

Using any sewing machine, amazing embroidery is possible, in addition to towels you can make embroidered cloth diapers for babies that can be sold and earn good money at the end of the month. In the free market or on the elo 7 website, for example, it is possible to find kits with 3 mouth diapers for R$47.95.

Towels embroidered with stones:

This is a more elaborate piece, it is made with beads, using creativity you can create beautiful designs, whether in the middle of the towel or just on the hem. Great for gifting someone special, it is a more decorative item than for everyday use.

How much to charge for Embroidered Letter in Cruz Stitch:

There are two ways to calculate the value of embroidered towels, the first, according to the price of the towel, the materials that were used in the making and also the amount of hours that were invested to make it, however, if your customer has already purchased the towel you should only charge, for the letters simple R$ 3.00, different letters R$ 4.00 if a design is added you will have to charge according to the size and details that the design has.

Embroidered towels: Models and Photos

If you want to have some models to use as inspiration, take a look below, we have gathered in our gallery more than 90 options with diverse themes, colors and styles for all tastes, you will surely find what you needed.

OBS: If any of the works shown below is your authorship, please send us by email that we will be happy to put your source, or we will also remove it if requested.