Methylene blue in hair: How to dye and photos for inspiration


Has it ever crossed your mind ever in your life to make a change in your look? What if I told you that applying methylene blue to your hair can create a super modern and stunning look on your locks?

By using this product, you can have that colored hair you've always dreamed of and without any complications, just follow the step by step that will be taught later.

But before I start, I'll give you a quick explanation about what methylene blue is.

Methylene blue is a drug that can be used for various purposes, it has been widely used for the treatment of malaria, today it is used as an antiseptic, antimicrobial and also to treat various types of diseases.

But the focus of our article today is to teach you how to use methylene blue in your hair, you will discover how easy it is to do the whole process in a simple and fast way.

Methylene blue in hair: Common questions

What is methylene blue for hair: Its main use is as a medicine as already mentioned, but on hair it can be a perfect and cheap option to color hair blue, or it can simply create a bluish tone in black hair.

How long does it last on hair: This color will last for a long time on the hair, but as you wash it, it will lose its color and fade.


Methylene blue damages hair? The recommendation for any type of dye is always to do a strand and skin test to ensure that the product will not cause allergies or damage your hair.

With methylene blue the recommendation is the same. It can be applied to any type of hair, be it curly, curly or straight; It can also be of any color, but it is ideal that they are not damaged as it can potentiate the dryness of the wires.

Does it stain a lot? Yes, forehead, fingers and anywhere that comes in contact with methylene blue will stain, the ideal is to protect the forehead with a cream, wear old clothes that can be thrown away and choose a place to paint where you will have no problems stain, because it will be quite difficult to remove.

bluish black hair

Before applying, you need to know what color intensity you want in your hair, do you want it completely bluish, or do you just want to create that bluish black hair effect? Having this answer in hand, choose the most appropriate way to apply.

Blue-black hair with methylene blue

This bluish effect on black hair is very successful these days, it is ideal for women who do not want such a radical change and it looks super beautiful.

To see how everything should be done, nothing better than following someone applying it and for that we chose this video by Regiane Barreto that shows the whole step by step in a very easy to follow way.

To carry out the process she used 4 caps of methylene blue, 2 caps of gentian violet (optional), black ink 1.0 and 1 teaspoon of cream (it must be white).

Mix the ingredients, apply to the hair and leave for about 40 minutes, finally rinse with cold water and moisturize to finish.

Bluish black hair By Duda

To not leave your hair dry, apply coconut oil before performing the procedure. In this tip, Duda used bluish black dye high fashion alfaparf 1.11, methylene blue, 20 volume hydrogen peroxide, gentian violet, black mud mask and 1 spoon of coconut oil.

Photos of bluish black hair for inspiration

An incredible color, especially when illuminated by the sun, which is when the bluish tone is more evident, perfect for those who like few changes without ceasing to be stylish, stay now with these photos to serve as inspiration.

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Blue hair with methylene blue

This option is for those who like a more radical color change, a much more striking color with a much more apparent blue.

Here it will be necessary to create the base tone with the bleaching, the more bleached, the bluer the hair will be.

but be careful with the base tone that you will choose, because if the base tone color is more orange or yellowish, the hair will be green

Here's how to do it:

 Blue Hair by Denise Madly

Using ingredients like methylene blue and cream (white), the result was an incredibly beautiful and intense blue.

Madu Moraes and her blue hair

With a radical change from black to blue, Madu shows all the steps with various discolorations until applying the methylene blue mixed in the cream.

Does methylene blue come out?

To answer this question, nothing better than watching this video where Rapha Bartoski does the experiment of painting a strand with methylene blue and then applying bleaching powder to remove it, the result you can see in the video.

There are many testimonials from people who have used methylene blue in their hair and have had difficulties changing their hair to other shades, so it is always recommended to look for a professional either to make your hair blue or to change it to another shade.

In addition, as you wash your hair, it loses its tone and the blue tone becomes lighter, so a new application will be necessary when this happens.

how to keep the tone

As already mentioned, as time goes by and the more you wash, the color tends to fade, to prevent this from happening, it is ideal to apply hydration cream mixed with methylene blue weekly.

All products you use on your hair, be it shampoo, moisturizing cream or conditioner, must have a little methylene blue mixed in, this will ensure that it will always be an impeccable color.

How much does it cost and where to buy

It can be found to buy more easily than you think, it is available at any pharmacy and a price ranging from 3 to 5 reais maximum.

Blue hair pictures for inspiration

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