Crochet Bag with Graphics: 90 Models


The bag is an essential accessory for a woman's closet, in addition to helping to improve the look, it facilitates a woman's day-to-day life as you can store everything you need to use during the day. must have a model for every occasion for day-to-day a large model with plenty of compartments is ideal, since for walks the smaller modelinhos are perfect since you will need to have space to store few items such as cell phone, some make-up and the keys.

Undoubtedly handbags are one of the passions of us women, I myself go crazy with so many models and styles that exist however, a model that is winning my heart is the crochet bag besides being beautiful they are versatile that is, they allow a greater number of possible combinations.

If you are looking for a new, different and exclusive bag for sure, the crochet bag is an excellent option to start with the crochet stitches allow for gigantic variations in shapes and sizes besides, you can be making it with your colors favorites. In addition to versatility, crochet is a durable material so even if one day you get sick you may be donating to someone, and yes it will certainly still be in perfect condition.

On the other hand, the crochet bag is super easy to make, if you don't have skills in manual work you will be surprised because it's not a seven-headed bug as everyone thinks because nowadays there are free videos on the internet teaching, but it will only be possible to reach perfection if you practice a lot the more you practice the more perfect your works will be.

Small Crochet Bag 

The small bag is great to use on quick walks, the model can be hand strap or can be with a crossbody strap. Make the entire bag with simple stitches and in the middle make more detailed stitches that will bring much more charm to the piece.

children's crochet bag


Girls are vain from an early age and most have their mother as inspiration when dressing so, how about gifting your little one with a beautiful crochet bag, unlike the models for adults, children have cute designs and shapes such as animals, flowers and characters in addition, the color combinations that are super happy and beautiful!

Mesh Thread Bags

You know that knit blouse that doesn't fit you anymore so it can become a beautiful bag. Economical, easy to make and beautiful, this bag has almost zero cost and the end result is surprising!

Crochet bag with fringe 

One of the characteristics of the hippie style is the fringes, whether in clothes or timeless accessories, this style was very successful in the 80s, but today it has returned with everything and among the elements that refer to this style, the crochet bag with fringes could not be left out. however, it underwent a makeover, becoming even more beautiful and chic!

Crochet Bag Bag

The bag-style bag brings a youthful and stripped look to the look, on the other hand the bag-style bag doesn't have many pockets and compartments so everything gets messier and more thrown but, we can't deny that visually it's wonderful, right? See below some models and draw your own conclusions.

Crochet Bag with Graphics: 90 Models

To make any style that is a crochet bag, some materials are essential to make them between them, the graphic will serve as a kind of mold for the artisan to follow and make each stitch. On the internet you can find several, but to make it easier, we have gathered many, many graphics in this article, making it much easier to start your work. See:

Step by step:

Crochet Bag Photos to Inspire

To finish, stay now with our photo gallery that will surely inspire you, it's a more beautiful model than the other, and who knows, maybe make a good money with the sale of these beauties, a simple model for example, can be sold for R$90 .00 and the more elaborate models can cost up to R$ 200.00, it's really worth it because the profit is great.