Crochet Earrings: Models with step by step and Graphics


Earrings are indispensable accessories, since they have the power to further enhance the beauty of the face, giving much more prominence to makeup, they are also capable of transforming a simple and basic look into a much more elegant and beautiful look!

Currently, there are several models on the market, whether large, colorful, medium or small and discreet, you will certainly find one or more models that win your heart.

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Crochet earrings are the trend of the moment.

A model that has been gaining prominence are the handmade ones, especially the crochet earrings that are cute and bring a delicacy and elegance that no other accessory can pass.


As it is an accessory made manually it needs a little more attention when making it, for this reason its sale value is not so cheap when compared to jewelry for example, so if you don't want to stay out of this trend , how about you get your hands dirty and make your own earrings with the colors and shapes you want.

Known for its versatility, it is possible to create pieces of all sizes and styles. Super easy to handle, you don't need to be an expert on the subject, just persist and practice a lot, who knows, maybe you'll get a taste for this art and even get an extra income selling your works of art to your friends and family.

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Below we will show you some models that can serve as inspiration in your creations and also some tutorials with graphics that will be essential for you to be able to carry out your work without difficulties.

Crochet Earring with Pearl

The pearls can be covered with crochet, these small stones bring a touch of romanticism and delicacy, leaving the piece much more charming, the choice of pearl color is at your discretion, but be careful to maintain balance when choosing the colors that will be used, they must match each other. This simple combination of these two items is what makes the accessory different from the others, a good idea is to use the pearl as the center of a flower or something similar, the end result is amazing!

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Hoop Crochet Earring

Classic of the classics, the hoop earring is still in evidence in the fashion world, over time it underwent a makeover, becoming even more beautiful and sophisticated! Adding some crochet details along with some stones or beads an earring that was once simple and basic, will be more chic and beautiful, it's worth customizing and creating an accessory to make anyone envious!


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Crochet Earring: Step by Step

Check out some very explanatory and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions below, the best thing is that you will need few materials, so enough talk, let's get right to the point.

Crochet Earrings Graphics

Now have some graphics, just print and use whenever necessary:

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