Women's platinum hair: 24 inspirations for a stunning look


Fashion is always being renewed, but some trends that were successful in the past sometimes end up coming back with everything, this can be noticed especially with platinum hair, sometimes high, sometimes low but never disappear, that's because they always leave the woman with a more than stunning look.

Platinum hair is once again becoming a hit among the female audience and for those who like to always be in fashion and also want to join this trend, we separate great inspirations to help with this decision that is a great transformation.

short platinum hair

Platinum hair is very democratic and looks good with any type and size of hair, for those who like short and very short hair, they can also adopt the look without any problems and will still have a stunning look.

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long platinum hair


Want to get even more powerful? So bet on this trend that is successful, but to keep the highlights always beautiful it is essential to know the best care.

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straight platinum hair

Definitely platinum is for those who like to cause, to stand out in the crowd and even for those who want to have their own style, making one of the infinite variations that this style provides.

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with curls

Taking advantage of this hair transition wave that is taking place with more and more curly and wavy curls taking on their beautiful curls, how about giving it a different increment also by adopting this look, it will certainly guarantee prominence among the others.

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Although this type of hair is a little more sensitive and with greater chances of breakage, with the right care they can also adopt this style without major problems, do you want to rock wherever you go? Then platinum hair is the solution.

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Brunettes couldn't be left out, could they? Well, if it's style and prominence you want, adopting this trend is a big step towards that goal.

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for ladies

Who said that in the female world only young women can adhere to platinum hair, whether short hair, long hair or whatever it is, they also look glamorous on stylish ladies.

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hair care platinum hair

Who look beautiful, no one can deny, but they require special care as discoloration makes the wires more fragile, so a trip to the salon from time to time can be essential, in general, follow a few steps to ensure the locks are always beautiful and platinum.

1 – After a while platinum hair can start to yellow, so at least once a week use tinting shampoos or purple shampoo to reduce the yellowness

2 – Platinum hair is more fragile, so hydration should always be done

3 – Cauterization and hair reconstruction are necessary at least 1 time a month to return the keratin and nutrients lost to the hair.

4 – Avoid using a flat iron and dryer as they can make the wires even more fragile

5 – Go to the salon to touch up the platinum at least once a week.

Following the right care will guarantee a platinum tone for a long time without risk of damaging the wires, otherwise it's going to the track and rocking it.

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