How to Make a Jujube Tree for a Children's Party - Step by Step


Organizing a children's party is not as easy as it seems, there are many details that must be properly chosen. So it's time to start getting your hands dirty after all, not all parents have enough financial means to pay for all the expenses of a child's birthday party and in order not to disappoint them, they look for easy and practical alternatives to prepare the decoration. the environment where the party will be held.

A children's party should be lively, cheerful and colorful, matching the children's universe, the main tip is to choose the theme that will be the party after chosen it's time to start composing the details and embellishments from the colors of the chosen theme. Like every children's party, one of the delicacies that can't be missed are jelly beans! How about combining the useful with the pleasant by making a jellybean tree to leave as a centerpiece for the guests? This is a great option because, in addition to further enhancing the decor, giving a charming and delicate touch, the tree made of jujube can serve as a support to hold the tablecloth or simply as a souvenir for party guests. .

Jujube Tree Step by Step

– Styrofoam ball 
-Barbecue sticks
- Toothpicks
-Jelly beans
- Gouache paint, color of your choice
-Brush tool
-Colorful film
-Cellophane paper
- Satin ribbons or ribbon 
-Mini colored vases
Step by step:
Jujube tree pictures: