Layered Haircut: 30 Inspiring Clicks


Changing the look raises the self-esteem of anyone, especially women, but often fear or doubt can get in the way of this mission, preventing such changes from being made. When changing the look, what always comes to mind is the hair, after all, they are like the frame of our face, so it deserves all our attention and care. The layered haircut is a great option for you who seek to combine modernity, beauty and versatility.

Layered curly haircut

The curly couldn't stay out of this one, could they? Super beautiful feminine and delicate, perfect for women who want to upgrade their look. See inspiring models.

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Layered haircut with bangs

The good thing about the layered haircut is that it is ideal for all types of face, regardless of whether your face is oval, rectangular or any other, this example with bangs shows how perfect this cut can be.

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Short layered haircut

Women may hate short hair until the moment they try it on for the first time, not only does it make the face more evident, it also makes any woman sexier, and short hair is much easier to care for.

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Medium layer haircut

This cut is in the middle, not too big and not too short, it makes any woman much more beautiful and the best with a super younger appearance. It is worth adopting this cut for life.

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Long layered haircut

That long hair of any type is beautiful, no one can deny that, but only those who have long hair know how hard it can be to take care of, especially in relation to dry ends, since natural oil has difficulty getting to it. the ends. But the fact is that any woman looks much more beautiful and attractive with long layered haircuts.

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How to cut your hair in layers alone in a U

For an amazing result nothing better than watching a video of someone who knows how to do it, in this video by Drica Pires the step by step is super detailed and the best thing is that you don't even need to improve the length of the hair, the result is amazing.

Layered curly cut at home

And the curly locks could not be left out, right people, Vanressa Ribeiro is already very popular because of her beautiful curls, now see how she does to make this hair super beautiful.

Layered haircut with bangs

This style of cut is super modern, many celebrities have already joined this fashion now it's your turn to look beautiful and powerful. Watch the step-by-step video.

Layered haircut at home

If you don't want to spend money on a salon, an interesting tip is to do the cut yourself, and for that you can follow the super useful tips from Duda's channel, where she explains all the step by step to do it without problems.

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