Decoration of tables for New Year's party (New Year's Eve)


Different from the traditional Christmas decorations that have specific colors such as: red, green, gold and white, the New Year's party decoration can have a different decoration that matches the style of the host and that leaves the guests exuberant with such beauty.

Just like Christmas Decoration, New Year's Eve Party Decoration also has its tricks and tips to make everything perfect. In this article we will show tips and photos of New Year's party table decoration for you to use as inspiration when decorating your home.

These are super simple tips, but they will make all the difference in the decoration of your home so that your party is beautiful and stylish. The arrangement of the supper table must be beautiful, cozy and cozy, after all, it will be around it that your family and friends will be gathered so they can have a meal before the turn of the year, so be sure to pay attention to the details, follow all the our tips and everything will be perfect as you always dreamed and everyone will love it.

Normally, for occasions like New Year's Eve, it is common to use classic colors such as: silver, white and gold, but that doesn't mean you can't dare and mix other colors for example the beautiful combination of blue and silver that makes the environment beautiful. ,delicate, sophisticated and at the same time harmonious.

Decorative Items:

The items and decorative ornaments that cannot be missing in the decoration of the New Year's Eve table are the traditional glasses, flowers, flower arrangements, tablecloth, candles, plates, napkin ornaments and ice bucket to put the champagne. But remember the important thing is to use your imagination and innovate!

A great option for those who want to make a simple, beautiful but cheap decoration is to reuse objects and Christmas decorations in addition to using recyclable materials such as pots, pet bottles, papers, among others... See the example in the photo below:


Meaning of colors in the new year

White – The color white signifies peace, purity and cleanliness.

Blue- The color blue means tranquility, serenity and harmony among family and friends.

Green- The color green stands for hope, freedom, health and vitality. Green symbolizes nature, money and youth.

Rosa- Romanticism, tenderness, naivety and is culturally associated with the feminine universe

Red-For those who are looking for the perfect match, it brings passion. It is associated with courage, the initiative to achieve and is indicated for those who want to fall in love.

Violet and lilac-It is the color of energy and truth, intellectual success and helps to overcome emotional needs.

Yellow- It is the color of money, joy and wealth. It symbolizes the sun, fecundity and fortune.

Orange- The color orange signifies joy, vitality, prosperity and success.

Brown and Beige-Stimulate professional activities for those wanting a promotion.

Black-Evite on New Year's Eve, attracts sadness, depression, emotional needs and negative energies.

Gold-Divine protection, prominence in the profession and material success.

Pictures of a table decorated for New Year's Eve:

Videos with Step by Step: