Pregnancy rehearsal: Inspiring photos to immortalize this day


Pregnancy is a more than special moment in any woman's life and because it is so important and unique, it must be immortalized in photos, if you also intend to do a maternity session, we have separated valuable tips that will help to make that day perfect and not a little stressful.

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Tips for the perfect day

A few basic tips can be of great help so that everything goes according to plan, for that some important points must be taken into account.

  • Book a date in advance with the professional photographer
  • Choose to take the photos around 6 to 8 months of pregnancy, so the belly will already be showing and it will not be as tired and swollen as eventually happens with women who choose to take pictures at 9 months of gestation.
  • Enjoy all the landscapes whether in nature, at home, in the nursery or in the studio.
  • Bring the parent, children and other family members to participate
  • Photos before and after pregnancy are also interesting
  • Take advantage of daylight so that the photo comes out beautiful, ideally in the morning or late afternoon to avoid strong sun
  • Vary poses, standing, lying down, hands on hips, hair
  • Opt for looks that flatter your belly, tops and tighter clothes that highlight your silhouette are interesting, but don't forget to wear something comfortable.
  • Also opt for simple makeup, the ideal is that everything is as natural as possible
  • Make your own maternity book, if you want something more homemade, take pictures yourself with the help of your hubby.

maternity photo ideas


To have a direction to follow, nothing better than seeing different examples, for that we have chosen several poses for pregnant women that will make your photo shoot a success.

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Pregnant woman with husband photo

Take pictures alone but also take pictures of the couple, after all, hubby cannot be left out, even with hubby in the scene remember that the focus is on your belly, pose for two and enjoy all the environments

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External maternity test

The landscapes that nature offers are the best backgrounds for photos, whether at the beach, park, waterfall or in the countryside, your photo will certainly look spectacular outdoors.

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maternity shoot ideas at home

Your home can also become an excellent setting, photos on the window or in the baby's room look beautiful, clothes as an accessory can also be used.

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homemade maternity test

You also have the option to do everything yourself, if you have a camera or a cell phone with a good resolution camera, you can do a home shoot, just follow the poses and landscape ideas shown in the photos and everything will come out in compliance.

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