Felt Wreath for Christmas Step by Step – Mold


Christmas is exactly one month away from arrival, it is one of the most special dates on the calendar because people tend to be kinder and happier. I particularly love Christmas because it is on this date that we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus and it is also one of the most colorful and beautiful days of the year because the whole city is full of blinkers, ornaments and the traditional Christmas trees and in the residential this is no different.

Most residents like to leave the house always beautiful and with a beautiful decoration for their guests and family after all, Christmas is party time and there is nothing better than making a Christmas decoration to leave everyone in the Christmas mood. Children are the ones who love Christmas the most not only because of the gifts but also because of the decorations and lights that make anyone enchanted. One of the novelties in decoration for this Christmas are the felt garlands They are super cute and easy to make.
There are options for all styles, from the simplest and small that can be hung on the tree, to the most detailed and large that are usually placed on the door of the living room or kitchen, they are beautiful and give a very special charm to the decoration. Today we selected some models and Step by Step Christmas wreath with the mold. See:
 Materials used in the step-by-step Christmas wreath:
• 7 different felt colors 
• 2 types of fabric 
• Beads in the shape of red pearls 
• Pins 
• Thread in the colors of the felts or a little stronger 
• Silicone plumbing 
• Acrylic blanket 
• Checkered and Christmas ribbons 
• Needle 
• Scissors 
• Pen 
• Wreath and doll mold
Felt Wreath for Christmas Step by Step – Mold