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Is looking for messages and happy new year 2023 quotes to send to friends and family? Then you are in the right place, in this article we have selected only the best and most beautiful messages with wishes of much joy, health and prosperity for the year that is about to begin, come take a peek and choose the one you most identify with.


The month of December is one of the most special and beloved months of the year, in addition to celebrating Christmas on the 25th, we also have New Year's Eve parties, New Year's Eve and much more. And with the approach of the new year, the number of searches for happy new year messages and phrases to send on facebook, instagram, whatsapp or other social networks increases a lot.

With that in mind, we at Toda Current have prepared an incredible selection with several, many messages ready to be sent, it may seem like something very simple, but anyone who receives any of these messages will certainly be super happy and feel loved! Check it out:

Happy New Year 2023 Messages and Phrases

Happy New Year 2018 Messages and Phrases

new year message for friends

To friends, a blessed New Year

My friends, may this New Year's Eve look back and praise God for all the blessings received. As well as being grateful for every victory won and every obstacle overcome.


May the New Year bring peace, and may faith be renewed and strengthened in everyone's hearts. May God guide, protect and bless you all with a year of many joys, health, love and peace. Happy new year my friends!

New Year wishes for distant friends

True friends are forever, and even when they are far away, they remain close to the heart. I wish you all a Happy New Year to everyone that I won't be able to offer a hug this New Year's Eve!

Know that even far away you will always be present in my thoughts, and I will not forget any of them when I make my requests and promises.

I hope you say goodbye to the old year with joy, and welcome the new one with enthusiasm. And may the year that is about to begin be filled with achievements, prosperity, love and friendship!

Let's Live All Dreams

You have to live the dream and the certainty that everything will change. It is necessary to open your eyes and realize that good things are within us, where desires do not need reason, nor feelings need reasons.

The important thing is to live each moment and learn its duration, because life is in the eyes of those who know how to see.

I wish that next year you will make all your dreams come true, and don't be afraid to live the moment they happen. And that in those moments you know that you will always have me by your side. Happy New Year My friend!

A New Year of Endless Possibilities, Friends

Time passes, the years come and go, and now that one more is ending, I am grateful that our friendship has remained and is getting stronger every day.

I wish all my friends a new year of infinite possibilities. More good days than bad. Many dreams come true, and many goals achieved.

Happy New Year, my friends, and say goodbye to the old with joy and the feeling of mission accomplished!

Happy New Year to best friends

Super fantastic friends, it's always good to be with you, and I'm really happy to know that you'll continue by my side next year. There's nothing better than having friends, and since I have you, I don't need to ask God for much more.

It's always good to look back and revisit everything we've lived through, and learn from life's setbacks. And when I do, I feel grateful that you were there for me, through the good times and the bad.

I wish that the New Year brings a lot of optimism and willpower, a lot of joy, peace, health and happiness for all of us. May this be the best year ever!

May we never lose the ability to dream and fight to make our dreams come true. Happy New Year! A big hug for everyone.

The Revelation of Happiness

Happy New Year friends! I hope that the next hundreds and thousands of hours will be put to good use. May your faces not lack joy, may happiness be alive in the hearts of each one of you; and that love reveals itself in every moment.

And don't forget that doing good causes countless positive things, so be good to each other! Have a wonderful year, friends!

A Bright Year for a Great Friend

Happy New Year friend! You are a very special person who brings a lot of light to my life. This year that is ending was very special, because we overcame and overcame several challenges.

But I'm sure this one that's starting will be even brighter. We have the chance to chase our dreams. And nothing is as important as that: our happiness. Good year, my friend!

New Year's message for friends

If you prefer to send something more delicate, there is the option to print or send a picture on a social network decorated with a very beautiful message! Here are some options I found:


Short phrases new year 2023

With the new year approaching, it is necessary to make a brief reflection on everything we have lived in this year that is ending, it is time to learn from our mistakes and that even if things did not go as we planned, it is necessary to be grateful for the simple things, however, We have a roof over our heads, food on the table, friends to support us in difficult times and for having the most loving and special family in the world who is always by our side no matter what.

New Year 2019 short quotes

You may not know it, but you are a blessed being because you have riches that money can't buy! Check out some short new year quotes 2023 that can be used on cards as well as photo captions.

  • May the new year begin being blessed by God and may our steps and decisions be guided and protected by Him. Happy New Year!
  • May the fireworks lights continue to bring brightness and beauty through every day of the new year ahead. Happy New Year!
  • Here comes 365 new opportunities!
  • Our life doesn't change with the turn of a year, but we can change the way we live from this moment on.
  • Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write it well!
  • Suddenly, in a fleeting moment, the fireworks announce that the new year is here and the old year is behind us. Happy New Year!
  • I wish you a year filled with peace, health, love and prosperity. Happy New Year!
  • If it rained happiness, I would wish for a storm. Happy New Year!
  • May the achievements achieved this year only be seeds planted, which will be more successfully harvested next year.
  • Next year, do with time what it does with you: enjoy it! Enjoy each day as if it were the first. Happy New Year!
  • Happy New Year! May peace, love and health be present in every day of this new year.
  • Leave behind everything that didn't work out and make way for a New Year full of success and new achievements! Happy New Year!
  • May the new year be filled with boldness in love, creativity in choices and courage in everyday life. Happy New Year!

New Year's Messages


Trust… Things Happen
on the right time. Exactly
when they should happen.
Happy moments, praise God!
Difficult times, seek God!
Silent moments, worship God!
Painful moments, trust God!
Every moment, thank God.

May you be blessed by the Father
each day; fight to be different,
fight to be better, change the
seeds to change the fruits that
will reap in this new year. In your
life don't lose focus, trust God
and thank Him every day of your life!

May you have a blessed year!

Happy New Year!

May the Word of the Lord be your guide in the New Year
The Lord, in all his mercy and generosity, has given us another year of life. And to Him we must thank him for everything good, and for what was not so good too.

May this New Year's Eve be filled with gratitude and hope, because a new year will begin, and you will surely receive even more blessings from God.

May the Word of the Lord accompany you in each new day. May in joy and sadness you know how to demonstrate that you deserve the trust that God has placed in you, and your faith be strengthened daily. Happy New Year!

To friends, a blessed New Year

My friends, may this New Year's Eve look back and praise God for all the blessings received. As well as being grateful for every victory won and every obstacle overcome.

May the New Year bring peace, and may faith be renewed and strengthened in everyone's hearts. May God guide, protect and bless you all with a year of many joys, health, love and peace. Happy new year my friends!

New Year Messages for Customers

New Year Messages for Customers

If you have a business or are a reseller of some product and you are always looking to please your customers then how about sending a New Year's message as a form of affection and thanks there are some very beautiful ones. See:

Happy Holidays Message to Clients

Another year ends, another cycle closes and it's time to take a look back. It is time to look back and review the plans that were drawn, the path that was followed, the goals and objectives that have been achieved.

It is also time to look ahead, redo plans, envision new horizons, and open our hearts to dream.

We thank you for the opportunity to be part of your story and for contributing to your success. We hope that this partnership will continue for many, many years to come.

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year! Happy Holidays and Happiness!

To our customers, peace and a prosperous New Year

As we consider and cherish our customers as part of our family, we wish you all the best this holiday season.

May this Christmas be one of peace, love and joy, and the New Year be better than the one that ends now and comes full of prosperity!

May harmony and happiness reign in all of your homes, and that next year we can continue to count on your preference.

Happy Holidays, dear customers!

New Year's Message for Employees

Your employees are one of the most important figures in your company, they are the ones who help and collaborate throughout the year for the growth of your company, so there is nothing fairer than sending a message of affection wishing you a new year full of light. and joy!

New Year's Message for Employees

Happy Holidays to Employees

A year is not just made of days, it is made of moments, attitudes, achievements. A company is not only made of numbers, it is made of people, expectations and dreams.

Each of us, who dedicate a large part of our lives to work, is an important part of the company's success. Without everyone's dedication and participation, we wouldn't be where we are.

At the end of the year, we would like to thank everyone for their efforts and their willingness to grow and make our house grow. Now it's time to count the days to start a new year.

May the New Year bring good winds, lots of productivity, joys and success for all of us. Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

Happy Holidays to everyone

It's time to light up our Christmas tree, and light our hearts with generosity and love. It is time for families to come together in harmony and celebration. And exchange gifts, affection and lots of hugs.

It's party season! To say goodbye to the old year with joy, and welcome the new one with hope. May this Christmas be one of peace, and the New Year bring more happiness and prosperity.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

New Year phrases for boyfriend or girlfriend

The year 2023 will start next to the love of your life so, dedicate a little time of your day to him/her and send a message of love wishing good vibes for the year that begins, there are very beautiful and exciting options. See:

  • To love is to believe, support, smile together, celebrate, understand, accept and listen. Loving is never getting tired of the feeling of being together.
    That this coming year we can enjoy all the wonders of love.
    Happy New Year!
  • The years change, the chapters of our lives change… But the beauty of this story is in the characters that remain! Happy new year my love!
  • In this New Year, I wish you to fulfill your dreams, say what you always wanted to say to the world, hug and love as much as you want (until you get tired!), feel what you always wanted to feel and live intensely next to those who love you. I love you, happy start!
  • It is in the simplest moments that we realize the importance of someone in our life. Another year with you is complete and my love only grows every day. We continue together, with great affection, respect and passion. I want it to be like this forever. Happy New Year!
  • “My love, I wish that in this new year you hear the words you always wanted to hear, say the phrases you wanted to repeat, feel the emotions you always hoped to feel and share your path with those you always wanted to share. Happy New Year!"

Happy New Year 2023 Message for WhatsApp

To finish off with a flourish, here are some more New Year messages, perfect for sharing on Facebook or WhatsApp:

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