100 Salon Names: Top Ideas to Use in 2022


If there's one thing people don't skimp on, it's food and beauty.

If you want to set up your own business but are in doubt about which area to invest in, bet on one of these two areas and you will certainly do very well.

you first need to dedicate yourself a lot and do everything with love, following these steps you will go far!

If you work in a salon and you are not feeling valued and your dream is to obtain your long-awaited financial independence, gather your savings and invest in your own salon.

The area of beauty is constantly expanding, after all, whether male or female, everyone likes to take care of their appearance.

90 Names for Beauty Salons: Creative Ideas

To be able to stand out in this environment, having a well-organized and decorated corner, quality of service, promotional packages and an authentic and strong name can be the differential for your salon to start being known in your city.


Many owners end up using their own name on the sign like "Salão da Josi" this is a good suggestion even more if you don't have much creativity at the moment.

The idea is simple but it helps the owners to promote themselves, making it clear who is the specialist and the owner of the establishment.

Beauty Salon Facades: +21 Modern Photos and Ideas

But if you want something different and creative, the best thing to do is analyze what kind of audience the salon will serve.

The clientele can be only for the female, male and who knows, even children.

Remembering that women are more vain and with that the female audience prevails as a target audience.

Be calm when choosing, select a few names then write them down on paper and ask friends and family for their opinion until you find one that best matches your target audience.

See the names of famous beauty salons

  • Salon 1838: Its name has to do with its location Rua Estados Unidos, Nº 1838
  • C.Kamura Salon: A network of salons created by Celso Kamura, he used his own name for the salon.
  • Jacques Janine Salon:The name of the salon is related to its creators, the couple Jacques and Janine
  • Marcos Proença: Famous hairstylist who also put his name in his salon network
  • MG Hair Design: created by Marco Antônio de Biaggi, the name of his salon has the initials of his name and two more words in English that mean hair design.
  • Torriton Beauty & Hair: Name inspired by a castle in Spain.
  • Scented Woman: Created by Eveline Veloso has his works dedicated to offering all the best related to hair, makeup, waxing and more for women

100 Beauty Salon Names: Creative Ideas

Try to choose a name that is unique, especially if you live in a small town after all, have you ever thought about having 3 salons called ”Studio de Beleza” this will cause confusion in people's minds.

Below you can see more than 100 inspirations from beauty salon names to assist you in this very important mission of your life! See:

100 Names for Beauty Salons: Creative Ideas

  • beauty brand
  • Hair and Layers
  • 2beauty
  • brosse et brushing
  • essence of beauty
  • beauty style
  • BelloHair
  • Bella Donna
  • Dijon Beauty Center
  • honey coiffeur
  • crystal beauty
  • woman glow
  • Stylu's hair
  • lolita
  • Always beautiful
  • Beauty space
  • Beautiful to live
  • Vain
  • Design & Style
  • Powerful
  • Shapes & Threads
  • beauty guide
  • beauty Institute
  • Beaux Cheveux
  • hair style
  • hair design
  • fast beauty
  • Wonder Hair
  • Maxi Hair
  • beauty of the hour
  • reborn
  • Formosa
  • Always beautiful
  • Charm
  • VIP space
  • New Image Hairdressers
  • Always Bella Hairdressers
  • Aqua Hair
  • Essence
  • Hair Aesthetics Profile
  • Always beautiful
  • hair fashion
  • fashion look
  • satisfaction
  • Diva's Charms
  • hair fashion
  • Mademoiselle
  • beauty&company
  • gold scissors salon
  • la belle
  • Tutti Belli
  • aphrodite
  • magic hairstylist
  • NAME's Coiffeur
  • Woman's Space
  • chic's styles
  • NAME's Saloon
  • satisfaction hair
  • Diva's Charms
  • made moiselle
  • hair fashion
  • just curls
  • Beauty Toks
  • rare
  • Maria goes with the others
  • beauty workshop
  • beauties of brazil
  • Natural beauty
  • crystal shine
  • New Style
  • Hair and Co.
  • Cuts N'Curls
  • hair in the wind
  • hair workshop
  • hair academy
  • Cut & Hair Salon
  • contrast
  • beauty space
  • hair and co
  • Bella Donna
  • all beautiful
  • beauty company
  • Beauty queen
  • hair designs
  • hairdressing whims
  • top beauty salon
  • all beautiful
  • Wonderful
  • Fashion Beauty Studio
  • SOS Hair
  • beauty studio
  • beauty bazaar
  • Whim
  • VIP beauty
  • Mirror My Mirror
  • Studio Beauty Workshop
  • Studio & Aesthetics hair
  • Hypnosis Salon
  • beautiful wires
  • curl clinic

Beauty salon name generator

Still out of ideas to name your ninth salon?

We still have two great ways to spark your inspiration. The salon name generator can be a great way to choose that name that will stand out among the rest, check it out:

shopfy: Just add a keyword and click on generate names, in a matter of seconds you will see several names appear in front of you.

Business Name Generator: Another great generator option that will make the job of choosing a name much easier.

WordPress.com: Here you can also find several name options, again just enter a keyword and perform the search

Regardless of which name you choose, be careful not to violate other companies' trademarks, so always search the INPI if that chosen name is not already registered, ok?

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