Hair Swirl? Know the causes and easy solutions


The swirl in the hair can make life difficult for both men and women, they can appear on the bangs, crown of the head and on the back of the neck, and depending on its location it can leave a topknot that doesn't go down for nothing.

Many women will never know what this swirl is about, but for those who do, they know that this can be a difficult problem to get around, that's why even trying the most varied methods the swirl will always be there to make the hair stand out.

What is the hair swirl?

Just take a closer look at the head and you can see that in the location where the whirlpool is located, the hair grows in a circle and it is precisely this fact that interferes with the natural fall of the hair.

In reality, the whirlpool is not a problem that can be corrected, this happens because the capillary rotations in that region are genetic inheritance, this direction of capillary birth is formed still in the embryonic phase, so even before birth these genes will have already defined if the direction from the birth of the hair will be forward, backward or to the sides.

hair swirl

So for those who are looking for a permanent solution, know that this will not be possible, there is no point in shaving and letting it grow again and not even shaving the wires in that region, but the good news is that following some tips you can easily get around this situation. .



As already mentioned in other articles here at Toda Atual, there are different types of hair, and this can determine how much the swirl can interfere with your fit.

In wavy hair that is fine and light (short hair), the swirl can be noticed more easily, since when the hair is bigger and consequently heavier, the swirls tend to be more hidden and sometimes not even noticed.

On the other hand, hair that is straight has an advantage, even if I try to swirl the head, whether on the back of the head, on the crown of the head or even on the front, the hair fall will take place more easily, but still not completely free from the problem.

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Tips for Disguising the Swirl (How to take it off)

Well, as you've already noticed, there's no magic formula to just end the whirlpool once and for all, but there are some tricks that can disguise the problem so it doesn't make it so evident. Link to tips.

Avoid letting the swirl dry naturally

After washing your hair, if you just comb it and let it dry naturally, the swirl will be defined that way and the hair will have a tuft upwards that will not go down for anything, so to avoid this with wet hair, use a brush to define the direction you want the hair to be, directing the hairstyle with a brush and a hairdryer may be enough to solve.

Bet on a straightening or progressive

If you want a solution that lasts longer, you can opt for chemical procedures, but make sure it's nothing that can damage your hair and always have the procedure done at a salon to ensure it's as healthy as possible.

If you are used to using chemical products on your hair to make them smoother, you can also use the swirl.

Avoid short cuts

The lighter the hair, the greater the chances of swirls appearing, especially when it comes to wavy hair, so longer hair is heavier and consequently disguises the fall of the strands more.