E-Girl Clothing: 12 Inspirations to bet on style in 2022


E-girl clothes are no longer a success and everything indicates that this subculture will continue for a few more years.

If you also want to bet on E-girl clothes, then you can't help but check out all the tips we've separated today.

We know that it is not always easy to adapt to a new trend.


You can follow some basic tips to also be part of this group and you can also record or parade different looks around.

But after all…

What is E-girl?

In a quick explanation, e-girl (electronic girl) is a style that is inspired by the old emo and goth styles and as its name says, are girls who have interests in video games, memes and anime.


Although the name has been around for many years, it has even been used in a pejorative way where it was used to name girls who played video games to attract the attention of boys.

Nowadays, thanks mainly to Tik Tok that highlighted girls who create videos with transformation for E-girls, this term has come to be used to name this new subculture as a fashion trend that stays within Aesthetic.

Look e-girl: Tips to become one

In general, make-up should be heavy and clearly outlined, colored hair with fancy colors, stripes, geometric and also plaid cannot be missing from the look, accessories such as the chain to compose the look and e-girl clothes can have usually darker band t-shirts, fishnet stockings, destroyed pants or even jeans with a t-shirt for lighter makeup.

To know a little more about the types of makeup, accessories, hair colors and e-girl clothes is very easy, there are hundreds of videos with girls who make transformations with their look, making this task much easier, check it out.

e-girl makeup and look – By Carol Soares

Detailing how the style is, Carol Soares explains that the makeup is usually heavier, with dark eyeliner, and very striking, the same goes for the eyeshadow. The clothes are based on emo and gothic with a very dark proposal.

From Gothic to E-girl – by Renata Celi

With a very complete step-by-step, this video shows a very e-girl look proposal, starting with makeup and ending with clothes, with fishnet stockings, skirt, a stylish blouse and a choker as an accessory to complete the look.

E-girl Transformation – by Franciny Ehlke

Another video to get inspired with complete makeup tips and a look that offers an exact idea of how e-girls dress, calmly analyze each of the videos and you will surely be ready to create your look too.

e-girl clothing style: Get inspired by these looks

Aesthetic fashion represents the styles that have emerged on the internet, this term was created to replace “Tumblr”, nowadays it refers to a standard of beauty and within aesthetic fashion we have the style e-girl who are the electronic girls, soft girls (who are the cutest and most childish e-girls) the kawaii girls, vsco girls and the tumblr girls, but today the style focus will be based on e-girls, so check out the looks below.

e-girl look with black skirt


e-girl look with destroyed pants and drag socks
e-girl with skirt
e-girl with cargo pants
E-girl looks to get inspired

and girl look with destroyed pants

Where to buy e-girl clothes

This is a fashion that came and conquered a large part of the female audience, apps like tik tok helped to expand this trend and nowadays it is even easier to find stores to assemble amazing looks, whether buying in physical stores or even on the internet.

The following are tips on where to find the best options, the tip is to look hard and only get when you find the one that really makes your head. Discover the stores.

E-girl store – Online store for Aesthetic products

Find a little bit of everything, croppeds, skirts, and the most varied types of accessories to compose your look. learn more about the E-girl store here.

Free market

Every Brazilian knows very well that this e-commerce is one of the biggest in Brazil and as e-girl clothes are in fashion, of course Mercado Livre could not be left out, see incredible options here.


This is one of the most well-known online e-commerce and millions of Brazilians shop there daily, it is possible to find everything, including e-girl clothes, check it out here.


Dedicated to this ever-growing internet group, here you can also find the most varied options so you can finally get your perfect look, learn more about the store here.

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