Angels Tattoo – Meaning and (32 pics)


Many people use angel tattoo as a form of expression or representation of their faith and beliefs, angels are one of the most used tattoo ideas to express love of God and faith in religion. In the gallery below you will find beautiful pictures of angel tattoos for inspiration when making your own! See:

Angels are messengers of God in human form with wings. Thus, wings are the main attribute of angel tattoos, which are mostly inked on the back in black color. While some tend to see the angel tattoo as a more feminine icon, they can be worn by both women and men, and can represent a variety of different designs. Some of them could be:

Cherub - A cherub is an angel that tends to resemble a child. Traditionally, cherubs are believed to be God's attendants, so people who want to be God's angels choose to make this design in order to be like God's attendant on earth.

Angel of Death – He is associated with healing the sick or wounded, bringing protection to those in need, and delivering souls into the eternal afterlife. There are also many popular prayers made by families seeking requests for the Angel of Death to keep their families safe and out of their hands.

Angel Wings – These tattoos vary in size and style, but are almost always too large in order to have as realistic a look as possible. These wings can symbolize the birth of a difficult period in life. It can also be chosen simply for its beauty and wonderful design! They are usually made in the back leaving the look quite different.

Pictures of Angel Tattoos

The word “angel” means messenger between divine forces and humanity. In the gallery below you will find beautiful pictures of angel tattoos to inspire you and make yours exist, options that serve both men and women and can be in very eclectic places such as: back, arms, legs, shoulder, neck, among others; Check it out: