Tree tattoo: 80 ideas for you to inspire (PHOTOS)


Want to get out of the cliché and innovate in the choice of tattoo, however, you didn't find anything that had a deep meaning, know that the tree tattoo is a great option in addition to lavishing beauty, the tree is a symbol of life, and it's not for less since they are the ones who maintain the balance in the ecosystem providing oxygen and beauty!

In addition, tree tattoos are totally versatile as there are variations ranging from a dry tree to the Celtic or Viking model. Keep reading our article for you to discover a little more of the beautiful models that exist and also, the meaning that each species of tree has.

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In religious culture the tree has been associated for years with a unique and special energy. According to Manfred Lurker who was a founding member of the Society for Scientific Symbol Research, he divided the symbolism of trees into three principles starting with the cosmic tree which represents the abundant source of fertility and the cycle of evolution: life, death and renewal. The tree of life symbolizes immortality, as plants have a long life span of a little over a thousand years. The tree of knowledge symbolizes intuition.

Tree tattoo: 80 ideas for you to inspire (PHOTOS)

Many people choose the tree tattoo to honor their family members as they offer us protection, shade and sustenance. Which are almost the same sensations that our home brings us. Tree tattoos can be designed in many different ways, some may contain just the bark of the tree, while others may have many branches or none at all.

Some drawings may depict a forest, an orchard, or a single tree that may or may not include roots. Flowers, fruits, birds or other designs can also be incorporated.


There are many different types of trees to choose from, including oak, maple and pine. But there are the favorites when we talk about tree tattoos, we have selected below the 7 types of trees that are the most popular used for tattoo designs.

  • tree of Life
  • cherry
  • birch
  • bodhi
  • trunk (bark)
  • Palm
  • bonsai

Some tattoos include the bark, branches and roots of the tree. An example of this is the tree of life tattoo, which symbolizes strength, knowledge, vitality and reincarnation. There are many other symbolic trees that can be used for tree tattoo designs, check out the meaning of each one and get inspired:

  • Cypress can symbolize remembrance and understanding.
  • The willow represents mourning, insight and healing.
  • The trunk symbolize sacrifice, sensitivity and conscience.
  • Palm trees are global symbols of beaches and the tropics and represent truth, honor, aspiration and fertility.
  • Bodhi Tree symbolizes enlightenment and the potential you have within you.
  • The family tree: often depicted with deep roots and branches, often with family names or birth dates.
  • Tree with dry branches is the symbol of renewal and transformation.
  • Cherry tree it is part of oriental culture, it represents beauty, grace and tranquility. The cherry blossoms which are the national flower of Japan, represent renewal, happiness and hope.

Tree Tattoo: Photos

See a small selection of tree tattoos for women and men, from the most diverse variations of the tree of life.