Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle


If you are a woman tuned in to the news of the world fashion will love the tip that we brought you today, we are talking about the hairstyle of the moment, the boxer braid that by the way was one of the darling hairstyles of the kardashian sisters, and as everything they wear becomes a world trend with hairstyles this would be no different, it is possible to find several photos on social networks of socialites wearing this hairstyle. Also known as boxer braids, the side braids made the head of women, among the famous who have already joined the hairstyle are Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande.

Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle

Boxer Braid – Boxer Braids

Braids have been successful for decades, but over the years they gained new formats, becoming more and more elaborate and cool. The positive point of braids is that it is a very casual hairstyle, very comfortable and has the advantage of making your hair look beautiful on any occasion, both for everyday life and for a party or a more formal event.

Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle

If you are dying to wear this hairstyle but have no idea where to start, see in this article many pictures of boxer braids in different types of hair and also for variable lengths, so it is much easier for you to choose an option that matches your style. . When you see this hairstyle for the first time, the first thing you think is “Wow, what a beautiful hairstyle, but it must be so difficult to do” because you know that you are completely wrong.

You don't need to be very skilled at hairstyles, but the more you practice, the more perfect it will be. At first your arm will hurt a little, if it happens rest and try again, trust me the end result will be worth so much effort! So let's go step by step? your friends won't believe you did it, soon there will be a line at your door for you to do it on their locks.

Boxer Braid: How to do the Boxer Braid Hairstyle

How to do a boxer braid


Step 1- Start by untangling the hair then part it in half from front to back. Part the rest of the hair to make it easier to secure with an elastic band. Start braiding on the other side.

Step 2- Take three small strands of hair as in the example shown in the second photo.

Step 3- Start braiding as close to the root as possible so it is tight. To make the Dutch braid, cross the outer part through the middle.

Step 4- Now the inner part in the middle.

Step 5- Now grab the hair next to where you took the first strand.

Step 6- Join this new strand to the one you already had on the outside, and cross it back to the middle.

Step 7- Do the same on the other side. Take more hair close to where you took the second strand, repeat this technique until it reaches all the way to the nape of the neck, keep the braid always tight so that the strands do not come loose.

Step 8- Once you've reached the nape of your neck, finish off by braiding the entire length of your hair. Secure the end with an elastic band and now just check the back in the mirror periodically to see if the two braids match up, paying close attention to the distance in between.

Doing it in practice alone at home with Jana Taffarel

If you haven't been able to understand the step by step following the images, don't worry, we have the solution for you, we've prepared some very explanatory tutorials so it's much easier to clarify all your doubts.

In curly hair, women look super powerful

The black woman already has a passionate beauty, with the addition of the boxer braid in the look, so it results in that perfection that we can see in this video.

Celebrity's favorite hairstyle

Cadiveu Academy tells in this video all the secrets for a perfect boxer braid, see the whole step by step and do it on your hair too.

Use jumbo to make it even bigger

For those who don't know the jumbo is a synthetic fiber that is ideal for braiding, in addition to it there is also the kanekalon that has practically the same function, see how the result is amazing.

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