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Marília Dias Mendonça was born on July 22, 1995 and died on November 5, 2021, she was known throughout Brazil as "Queen of suffering".

And it's no wonder, this young Brazilian singer and songwriter of the sertanejo genre showed that her hits will surpass generations. Authentic she had a big voice and songs with lyrics that talk about love and heartbreaks!

I'm sure you've heard some of his thousands of hits being "Infiel" his most successful song surpassing 440 million views on his official channel.

Something that draws attention is that many of her songs talk about betrayal and Marília has already assumed in interviews that many lyrics have to do with stories she herself lived.

Many people end up identifying with these lyrics and this only increases searches for snippets of songs to use as status on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram.

That's why I decided to share with you a little bit of the excerpts of the songs that I love the most by marília mendonça I'm sure you'll find one that you identify with and that will describe exactly what you're feeling or going through.

Excerpts from Marília Mendonça Music for Status

Excerpts from Marília Mendonça Music for Status


"I'm suffering and I'm making you suffer."

“All the time we fight without explanation. No love, no respect, no passion.”

“I saw a picture of you in that outfit but it looked like something was missing. In the traces of the smile, I could see, what is it that you are missing?”

“Of course he goes after it, but with another intention. You are homeless, aimless and you are the only option.”

“Infidel… I want to see you live in a motel. I'm kicking you out of my heart, take the consequences of this betrayal."

"This is not a dispute, I don't want to provoke you, I found out a year ago and I'm looking for you to say... today the farce will end."

“It's about time, it's now our bid is over. Don't beg, I'm leaving and what happened, happened."

“I don't know if you're okay. If you like someone else.”

“I don't see any other way out of our fights. Better to give time to suffering.”

“What we are experiencing has nothing to do with it. It is better for everyone to go their own way.”

"What is missing in you is me. Your smile needs mine, I know you miss it, come get your half soon.”

“The second step is not to answer me. The third is to repent, if what hurts in me hurt in you.”

“Your prize, which is worth nothing, I am giving you. I put my bags outside and he still came out crying.”

“Go with your life, I'll go with mine. Follow my destiny and whatever it is... may a new love come.”

“It's in your hand. You will now take care of a traitor, do me this favor.”

“Leave it, it really ceases to be important, it leaves us for another time. And when you realize it, it's over... when I look back, I'm gone."

“Leave it, it really ceases to be important, it leaves us for another time. Will try to open the door to that love... when I've thrown away the key."

"And now will she be able to handle the bar alone, if she knew everything... if she turns around, it's not my fault."

"And when you realize it, it's over, when I look back, I'm gone."

"And all this path I know by heart, if I'm not mistaken now it will leave me alone."

“Yeah, it's getting boring, isn't it? Bag-filling, yes. Get ready, I’m getting ready.”

“While you're going, I'm coming back. And all this path I know by heart, if I'm not mistaken now it will leave me alone.”

“This competition for love only served to hurt me.”

"Speaking of homesickness, again I woke up thinking about you."

“Today there is no time to leave, today he will stay. At the moment he must be happy and thinking he won. I didn't miss anything, I just got rid of it.”

“Unfaithful… now she's going to play my part. After a while you will get used to it and then she will be the one to deceive.”

Music excerpts Marília Mendonça 2018

“Strange, You kiss me and my mouth is weird
Your affection seems to scratch...Your hug is so loose, it can't hold me.”

"It's a time I was going to realize that you won't come back
Not receiving a message is also a message”

”No worries, that you won't see my name anymore, no call
Don't worry, I'll be ashamed of myself"

"I loved alone but for two, I've come to terms with that now and not later
I will have to move on”

"Worry not for a good connoisseur
Half absence is enough”

"I'm everywhere in the bitter taste of your mouth
In the crying that wets your clothes, I'm in the dates that went wrong
I'm everywhere”

“We are so close to each other
That the rest is so little”

"Without you, life doesn't go on"

"If he was with me, it's his fault
He's the one who made this mess in our friendship.”

“Who are you that I don't know anymore?
I fell in love with what I made up of you”

"So much of each other
looks like dating
Every time you come back, it tastes like a new kiss”

"There's so much love in the heart
It overflows and flows through the eyes”

"It's your fault for having that smile
Or is it my fault for falling in love with him?”

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