Decorated leopard nails: How to make +15 photos


Does anyone still have doubts that the decorated leopard nails and animal prints in general are here to stay?

They are present in clothes, accessories, shoes and even nails.

That's right, the nails decorated with leopard prints became a fever among the ladies, becoming one of the most requested nail decorations in beauty salons because they are beautiful, bold and at the same time cute!

Every self-respecting vain woman loves to take care of herself often because they are afraid of feeling ugly. And nowadays having beautiful, well-groomed and stylish nails has never been so high, especially among women who love to follow trends, be it in clothes, shoes, hair, makeup and decorated nails.

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself so you can be happy not only physically but also mentally, because a beautiful and renewed look can do a lot of good for both women and men.

However, not all women have the financial means or time to go to a beauty salon to take care of their nails, so they search the internet for an alternative through tutorials with step-by-step leopard nails so they look beautiful without spending any money. .

leopard nails in easy steps

If you, like most women, love animal prints, which by the way became a summer hit, invest in leopard-print nails and rock!

pink leopard nails


They can be made in different ways and the purpose of this video is to use the leopard print on the only daughter nail.

brown leopard nail

The colors can be of the most varied, but here a beige enamel is used as a base and then a light brown enamel to make the spots, the contour will be done with a boleador, when following the video the step by step is simple.

Jaguar with contour and black francesinha

A very easy way to contour the spots that will be made on the nails is using a toothpick, in this example and in most of them the contour is usually done in black, here in this video black is also used to make the francesinha.

Jaguar nail with blue detail

One of the good things about the animal print style is being able to use different colors without being ugly, in this example you will see how even the blue color can be used without problems.

Decorated oncinha nails: Beautiful photos

How about seeing more ideas on how the leopard nail can look perfect on your nails, see these examples and get inspired to do yours too.

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