Children's Decorated Nails – How to Do it, Step by Step


The trends of decorated nails have already reached the female audience of all ages, from an adult woman to a child, no one can resist the nails arts. Every day something new is discovered, be it a drawing or a trick.

So, as in the fashion world, nails also follow trends and new models and designs are born every day, they are beautiful options that please all styles and tastes. However, despite being super charming, the drawings can also say a lot about the personality that you are using, care must be taken because, even as children are increasingly mature, it is necessary to find a model that fits their age, such as: characters, drawings, sweets, bows, ladybugs, flowers, pets, animals among others.

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Children's decorated nails must follow specific standards, such as containing children's themes and being more discreet and delicate. It's okay to let your daughter paint her nails, but remember never let her want to remove the cuticle as this can hurt her and even damage her nail growth. Girls like this, who begin to understand and accompany their mothers in the beauty salon, soon become interested in everything related to beauty, including decorated nails.

There are options that fit all ages, Check out some models I selected and the step by step.


Step by step: